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  • Store brand diapers

    26 44.83%
  • Thrift store gamble

    5 8.62%
  • Cloth/makeshift

    16 27.59%
  • Diaper hiatus

    22 37.93%
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Thread: Poll: Coming up short on diaper funds

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    Default Poll: Coming up short on diaper funds

    What do you do when you run out of your good diapers and who knows how soon you'll be able to get more? Do you keep a supply of emergency diapers, switch to cloth or makeshift, or quit wearing altogether until you can get something decent again?
    I've gotten into the habit of trying to keep myself in Abena M4s but I went a bit crazy on the last bag and am 'paying for it' by grabbing bags of cheapies at the thrift store every few days. I'm ready to re-up on the good ones but waiting for the opportune moment to pick some up

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    From my experience I went back to storebrand after I spent a bit of money on nicer M4's and M3's. They were great however I worry about ordering online even though my parents are accepting I don't really want to have to tell them whats in the box thats for me, I'm sure they can already assume. I also can say that I am okay with taking a break/hiatus, not for more than a week per say however I am not one to keep myself diapered if I don't have any desire at the moment .

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    Love my Tena Slips. If unavailable and really, really desperate, there's a Tena pull up at the pharmacy.

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    Oh boy, it's been forever since I ran out of diaper funds. Last time was probably in high school, maybe even before! A lot of this is due to the fact that my preferred disposables have always been the baby kind, and they're insanely inexpensive next to the premium adult kind.

    When living with my parents, I always had easy access to an enormous stash of cloth baby diapers -- what my sister and I had been raised in. After we were potty-trained, these were kept for cleaning rags, and most were in very good shape. When I couldn't or didn't want to use my favorite disposables, I would pin a couple of the cloth baby diapers together into a sort of makeshift. They were soft and comfy, and I'd used them for years before getting up the nerve to buy disposables, so returning to them wasn't really a big deal.

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    I have a chest of drawers from Ikea that I keep my diapers in. Each drawer perfectly holds seven stacks of seven diapers, which makes it easy to keep track of how many I have left. I always try to order more when I'm down to two stacks or less.

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    Some of the Store brand diapers are pretty good. I like the Rite Aid ones and they work well for me as a daytime diaper. But I have been going to some of the Thrift stores lately and found some nice plastic back diapers out there. Yeah, I know it's a opened bags but I check the diapers and make sure that they are good to wear. Sometimes it is a gamble too.

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    Usually, I wear a bit less, as I'll still have cloth, but it's more trouble at times than Disposable. Love the poof, though.

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    I keep an emergency stash aside from my regular diaper drawer for use only when my diaper $$ are absolutely out. If my diaper $$ are tight I'll get store brand, the Walgreen's Certainty brand, for about $17.50 for a pack of 40. They aren't as good or absorbant as my preferred premium brand, I like to wear one diaper most of the day and enjoy the feeling of flooding it a couple of times, and have to use a booster pad to prevent these from leaking into my plastic pants. But as second rate as these Walgreens brand are they are better than doing without any diaper at all.

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    Since I wear cloth AIO's for overnight. If I see I could be running low on my daytime disposables I can always wear a cloth one in it's place till I can buy more of what I like. So it's
    not really a problem for me.

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