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    I am a realtor and one of my responsibilities as a foreclosure agent is to do valuations on properties with mortgages in default. I did an inspection today on a vacant home where the homeowner moved out over a year ago.

    As I was walking through the house, which was filled with abandoned junk, I noticed a large supply of incontinence products in the master bathroom. There were pads, belted undergarments, protective underwear of varying size and absorbancy, bed pads and about 18 diapers. The diapers have a blue plastic cover and it says Wings on the tapes. They are fairly thin (normally wear Dry 24/7), but super crinkly.

    The normal procedure for these houses is for the bank to clean out the home and prepare it for marketing. I figured it was better for me to put them to good use rather than having them sent to the landfill unused. I am really looking forward to try everything.

    Anyone else find diapers unexpectedly?

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    Something about the same way you did. My brother had rented his house out and when they left they left behind about 2 cases of Depends undergarments. Under pads and other IC products.

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