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    So for those of you who have talked to me about my wetting in the past or have looked at my profile [I have yet to change it] I was partialy incon. Meaning that I wore diapers almost 24/7, had day accidents, and wet the bed. Well I'm very happy to say that my day wetting has completely stopped!! And I think my bed wetting is slowing down/stopping. It's only a few nights a week now!! So yeah. I haven't talked to many people here lately and just thought I would give and update and share my joy!!

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    "high fives" Nice one. Hopefully it's only a matter of time intil you can enjoy diapers as a side thing instead of needing them.

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    That's great, well done. Good luck with the night time training.

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    Well I guess there goes the diaper cake I was gonna get you.

    Congrats anyway. =)

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    *hugs and gives soft pat on the butt* Nice job, friend. I'm glad to hear things're going better ^__^

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    Congrats! Well done!

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