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Thread: I have accepted.

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    Default I have accepted.

    After a long time of thinking badly about Furries, I came to the conclusion I only thought that way because I was a Furry in denial. So I accepted myself as a furry, and recently a babyfur.

    I am now eager to be more involved in the community, and now need my fursona drawn. Problem is that I won't have the money available until late September/Early October. Oh well, even though it saddens me, I guess I can wait. Also plan on using TaviMunk.

    As for cubs stuff, thanks to two certain kitties(you know who you are) I am gonna buy a collar, even though I thought it odd and silly before, I now want one.(I hate you two, you know that right?). Also plan on getting a tail and ears to start off, but again all this will have to wait until I can have enough money, so probably even November.

    Sorry for the novel, but I had to say.

    P.S. those same two kitties also convinced me to go to Furry Fiesta(didn't take much effort, as I wanted to go to a Furcon anyway, and I have a friend in town who I can go with). So yeah, I am excited for that( and I don't hate you for that)

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    Damn Texans (Just kidding), I'm so glad I live in Canada. Watch out for those mandatory visitation periods from 3-9PM!

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    I bought my first collar when I was about 10 years old.
    *Cats rule*

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    Yes, yes we do. I am so eager for the con, even though he haven't still made any concrete plans, I can't wait to go. Why can't it be in like november and not February?

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