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    Hey Everybody,

    I'm TheLastCaper, or just TLC for short. I'm strictly a DL and I've had an urge to wear diapers ever since I was about 7 years old when I went to daycare and there were pull-ups under the sink in the bathroom and I decided to put one on. Ever since then I've craved diapers. Throughout my earlier teenage years I'd go the the store and buy Goodnites and Huggies diapers whenever I could.

    Just last year, I started my college career and I found that I finally had the freedom to get my hands on premium adult diapers. I've since tried a sample pack of Bambino Bellisimos, a bag of Dry 24/7's, and this summer I ordered myself a case of Abena M4's. All of these diapers were amazing but the 24/7's were my favorites. That's about all I've got and thanks for having me here!

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    hey welcome to the sitei hope you enjoy it and make some friends i'm sure you will!best of luck *cuddles*

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    Hello TheLastCaper!

    Having more freedom and your own little palace is always a great way of doing things you could never have done at your parents house! I wouldn't want to miss that too.

    Perhaps you would also like to tell us something about your non-DL interests? It's always nice getting to know people a bit.

    Anyway, welcome to adisc!

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    Hi and welcome to the community. I'm an IC person and agree that the thicker the diaper the better. I also like wear them.

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