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Thread: Nappy Changing Other AB's

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    Default Nappy Changing Other AB's

    So you may be thinking why has little leo put this in the AB part of the forum so give me a minute to explain. Tho this post is about nappy changing i want to focus on the AB aspects of it. I have seen a lot of people saying i don't think i could change or be changed by some one else and that ok every one is different and have there own thoughts on it. So i will start by saying i have changed two other AB's one boy and one girl so how did it make me feel as a person. Well 1st time i was very nervous as it was a AB girl and being a boy i felt a big responsibility to be more understanding and caring to towards her little girl needs. I want to be truthful in this post so i will say i though it would be a sexual turn on being a boy and all but it was not a sexual turn on not at all i just felt a overwhelming sense of care and a strong feeling of wanting to nurture her needs i have never felt that kind of intense feeling be for and i loved it.
    So how different was it to change a other AB boy well i would say that it was a bit more relaxed as i'm a boy so i know what needs to be dun to make shore little boys parts are clean. The sense of care was still there to make shore he felt safe with me changing him as it was his 1st bottom change and that's a big step to take for a AB. On the other side of it how do i feel when i have my bottom changed by some one else well it makes me feel very little! and the feeling of depending on some one else to take care of my little needs for me that's the holy grail for a little boy like me. In short is see changing a other AB,s nappy or having my own nappy changed no different to how a real infant/toddler would need to be changed and by that i'm talking about the level of care and understanding needed. Thank you for taking the time to read this i know it was a long one. super big hugs little leo

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    I know I for one would love to be changed by an other ab I think it can be a really loving and friendly thing to do and a way to make friends- extend friendships and make it grow into something else for someone else to take the lead.

    I for one would love it

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    Changing an AB diapers is no different than changing a babies diaper. When a diaper change is needed it should be done. It may seen a little awkward the fist few times. I know a 14 year od who as CP and his mom still changes his diapers. 24/7 I might add. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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    I would love to be changed into and out of a diaper....
    If I could I would love to meet up with some fellow DL's

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    I doubt I could do that. I would get very embarrassed having someone see my "set up". Especially someone I only met online. Though the idea sounds nice, unless I can find a boyfriend who accepts this, I doubt it will happen anyway.

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    for me changing other abīs is nothing sexual, i dont mind doing that.

    but i would never change someone i dont know or "like"

    same in the other direction / being changed from another ab

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    I'd be really nervous - I'd have to know the person very well, and trust him/her about my ABDL bit. After I get past the nervous/anxious part of the process, I think I might like it: it isn't the same to be an AB changing yourself (leo's right - it would make one feel "little" )

    To be honest, I think I'd be nervous to death just trying to be me while with other ABs I'm not the best person meeting new people altogether, let alone people who are like myself: it's just beyond my experience, but it makes me rather sad that I'd feel that way when I finally do meet up (if ever) with real life ABDLs like me. It isn't fair

    <I'm sorry about that - I just needed to say it>

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    I don't think I would mind. I'd have to have some sort of bond with the person, it could be sexual or not. I've diapered/changed my husband and one other AB friend. I enjoy it because I know how I feel when someone changes me. It feels really nice.

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    I think a lot of us have fantasies of being changed by others. I sure do. I don't really know if I'd be nervous or not. I'm normally really modest about my body, not for religious reasons or anything. But I can only imagine how wonderful it must feel to be flooded with that feeling of love and care.

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    As diapers are mainly a sexual thing for me, I would be really apprehensive about allowing another person to put them on me. Despite that diapering myself often evokes childhood memories of diapers and diaper changes, I've never really considered role-playing these things physically with anybody else. My mind seems able to play both sides adequately.

    As far as changing an AB friend goes, I'm fairly torn on that. On the one hand, I've changed actual babies a gazillion times, so I'm not instantly offended by the idea of changing an adult (not sure I'd want to be getting messy, though). On the other hand, diaper changes are an inherently intimate thing, and as I'm in a committed relationship, it would be very easy to feel like or be branded a cheater, even if there were no sexual undertones at all. In other words, I think the situation and the feelings involved would have to be just right, and I'm not convinced they ever could or would be.

    EDIT: I suppose this would make a little more sense if I clarified that my wife is a muggle. If she was into diapers also, things might be a little different.

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