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Thread: Am I a Diaper lover?

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    Default Am I a Diaper lover?

    I had a question and I figured it could best be answered by the people of this forum. From what I gather most DLs love wearing diapers themselves and would love for their partner to wear them too. I'm different however, in that I have no interest in wearing diapers myself, but would find it a huge turn-on if I saw a girl wearing a diaper. I would especially love to changer her, with the baby powder and everything, haha, but would still find it gross if she actually used the diaper (well, number one I may not mind, but definitely not number 2).

    So I'm not sure. I just think she would be very cute and child-like in them, though I don't think I'm into the caregiver/adult baby thing. I'm thinking it could be a domination thing, or it could stem from the fact that I love to see women in full cut, white panties, and diapers are just a step further. This is also a new affinity, like a few weeks old, so I don't know if this is just a temporary fetish or a mainstay.

    I'm also currently single, so I've never brought this up to anyone, but If I get into a long-term relationship with someone and still have this fetish I'd love to bring it up to her and see if she'd be open to wearing a diaper and have me change them, ect. Does anyone have experience with this?

    And with all that said, Am I a diaper lover? Is this a variation of the fetish or something completely different? I'd love to get to know some people like me who are not interested in wearing diapers themselves but would love to see them on their significant other

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    Welcome to ADISC. To answer your question, ABDLs are already pretty rare and by comments here, it seems like your spin on it is about as rare as we are in the general population. Then again, perhaps it's just that those with that interest don't hang around and post, so the number appears artifically low.

    As to what you are, they're certainly not clinical defintions. I'd be inclined to say you could be a DL based on what you've said thus far, since if it sticks with you, you do have an affinity for diapers, just on other people rather than yourself. Since you don't identify with caregiving (although you might be surprised if you gave it a try, I certainly was), you might have more luck looking on the BDSM side of things as there is some crossover. I certainly don't think you'd be unwelcome here but you may have to periodically remind other posters of your specific orientation.

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    Hi Thesideline,
    This is not strange. I think you want to play the role as a caretaker. Have you seen the website Understanding Infantilism ? This website is excellent in explaining where you are or where your (future) partner is in the complex spectrum of ADBL. I am a pure diaper lover (DL). I am not into toys, babyish thingies and pacifiers. So, have a look on this website. Further, I can tell you that it is very very hard to find a DL girlfriend, but I am sure this can be made part of sexual games, if you know what I mean. Therefore, you have to go to certain 'enviroments' to have a look, like fetish parties, etc. I wish you the best luck with your orientations and hope I gave you a couple of good hints.

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    The question you must honestly answer for yourself is: Do I NEED the diaper to get an orgasm? That need could be either worn, seen, touches or heard. It could also be physical or in your mind.

    If your answer is yes, you have definatly a diaper fetish.

    Then, there is many kinds of diaper fetish. If you like to take care, they you are what is called a Daddy. If you like BDSM, then you fall into another twist of the thing...

    You just need to find a way to enjoy your fetish in a balanced and positive way.

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    Welcome, TheInsideLine. You are about to embark on a journey. No simple answers will be found, but there is a lot of rewarding self-exploration to be had here.

    As someone who is part DL myself, I also love for my partner to wear and use their diapers so I can take care of them, change them, make them feel safe and comfortable. It's the same type of thing I seek for myself when I am in a toddler state of mind. One piece of advice I can offer is that it's not so much the label you choose, it's what you enjoy and do. You could call yourself a DL for simplicity's sake, and based on your description I would say that you do have a fetishistic attraction to a girl in diapers, or you could forgo a simple label and carve your own path. Getting to know people here and talking with them has given me some great insights to my own situation, and if you stick around it will do the same for you.


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    Hi bob111, I'd have to say I certainly don't NEED the diaper for an orgasm; there's a lot of things that can turn me on, but it's certainly one of the things that would get me going. I agree with you that I want to enjoy this newfound fetish in a positive way, which is one of the reasons I joined this site

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    Thank you Adidas! I will check out that website when I have more time.

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