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    Had an experience... Just wanted to share and hear your thoughts...
    Last night, I could not fall asleep. Since knew I had to be up early and its been several nights of not sleeping, decided to relax as best as I could. Although, I have some DL, the comforting factor was over riding the exciting factor at the time. So I slipped on a bambino bellissimo. Tis helped, but it still wasn't cutting it. Even so,I didn't want to wake my papa up. A little later, he woke up on his on and asked me why I was awake and he gave me my paci. So here's the good part!!- it stayed in all night!! I thought he must have out it back in, but he said he checked me when he woke up and it was still I'm! That has never happened to me before. I've been having nightmares for over a year and have been using my thumb more because when I wake up, I don't have to dig around for it. Never have I had a paci stay in that long... A nap yes, but never all night!
    Anyway, just wanted to share. Do you remember the first time yours has stayed in all night? Do you have tricks for it to keep happening?

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    Get a pacifier clip, you can usually find ones at the store that work fine for adults. Then you can clip your pacifier to your t-shirt and it will hang from the string or ribbon, and you will never have to dig around for it if it comes out. After that, you will start getting used to having a paci in your mouth because it will feel more normal to have it in there instead of giving up and resorting to your thumb.

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    I've always been a thumb sucker, even before I knew I was an AB, but sometimes I am just having a paci day. Also love flannel blankets

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    I remember when I first started using a paci I had a hard time keeping it in and later got a paci clip and that helped me find it. After using it every night for awhile it just started staying in all night and when I got my nuk 4 and 5 those were alot easier to keep in and never had many problems with it falling out.

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    To not loose your paci is very important select "that one, which fits good in in mouth." And I remember (when started +/- regular night use of paci) to get result "paci all the night inside" reached in time like one week or a few days more. Hell, it's 20 years ago...

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