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Thread: Homemade Stuffers/pads?

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    So here in just a bit I'll be picking up my first pack of diapers for my girl's first wearing experience. I was wondering though on the subject of stuffers/soaker pads, in the case I want to add extra "thickness" to her diapers, like if they end up being thinner than I'd like, what could I use? I won't be able to pick up actual pads or stuffers if I buy the diapers, but I was wondering if there were any home-made alternatives? But not any that would assist the diaper in leaking or such.

    I don't have access to towels if that was a suggestion. I live with parents and all. Though whatever the alternative "stuffer" could be, I very much want it to still feel like a diaper, texture wise and all. lol.

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    I bought some "ZORB" fabric (1m ZORB Fabric White - Ultra absorbent fabric | eBay), which is great. I use three or four layers in a strip as a stuffer in my home-made cloth AIO. Not only does ZORB absorb a lot of liquid, when it's washed it also dries out very quickly too.

    Microfleece is also pretty absorbent.

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    As downtide mentioned, microfleece is good. If you have a dollar store, they should have them there. My wife got me some used recieving blankets at a used baby clothes store, and they are cute, soft...and absorbant!

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    Can you get any type of flannel material? A lot of the old-fashioned cotton diapers were made from this material good luck with the baby let me know how it turns out.

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