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    Default some help plz

    i have to get a Colonoscopy soon and i was wondering if any one where has had one if they have could they tell me how painful or uncomfortable it was.
    plz don't ask why because i don't feel like explaining it all.

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    I'm pretty sure it's not painful...Just uncomfortable...It's just a tube up your butt, isn't it

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    ya it's just a tube basically

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    Quote Originally Posted by anonymous kiba View Post
    ya it's just a tube basically

    So it shouldn't be too bad...It would just be awkward embarrassing, and they might give you an enema or something...I think you're not supposed to eat anything for like a day before you get it

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    I have had 2 so far, my brother has colon cancer and I get screened more then the average person, there is nothing to it, you will not even remember it happing, you will get prepped and if you don't fall asleep almost instanly you will shortly, and the next thing you know your wakeing up.

    What is a pain is the clean out and the not eating, get yourself some popsicles these you can have and it will satisfy your hunger, but be prepaired for alot of trips to the bathroom or if you like wear a diaper, but it's mostly just water comming out of you after a bit.

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    Default says this:


    The procedure can be done either in the doctor's office or in a special procedure room of a local hospital. An intravenous (IV) line will be started in a vein in the arm. The patient is generally given a sedative and a pain-killer through the IV line.

    During the colonoscopy, the patient will be asked to lie on his/her left side with his/her knees drawn up towards the abdomen. The doctor begins the procedure by inserting a lubricated, gloved finger into the anus to check for any abnormal masses or blockage. A thin, well-lubricated colonoscope will then be inserted into the anus and it will be gently advanced through the colon. The lining of the intestine will be examined through the scope. Occasionally air may be pumped through the colono-scope to help clear the path or open the colon. If there are excessive secretions, stool, or blood that obstruct the viewing, they will be suctioned out through the scope. The doctor may press on the abdomen or ask the patient to change his/her position in order to advance the scope through the colon.

    The entire length of the large intestine can be examined in this manner. If suspicious growths are observed, tiny biopsy forceps or brushes can be inserted through the colon and tissue samples can be obtained. Small polyps can also be removed through the colonoscope. After the procedure, the colonoscope is slowly withdrawn and the instilled air is allowed to escape. The anal area is then cleansed with tissues.

    The procedure may take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours depending on how easy it is to advance the scope through the colon. Colonoscopy can be a long and uncomfortable procedure, and the bowel cleaning preparation may be tiring and can produce diarrhea and cramping. During the colonoscopy, the sedative and the pain medications will keep the patient very drowsy and relaxed. Most patients complain of minor discomfort and pressure from the colonoscope moving inside. However, the procedure is not painful.

    Lata Cherath, PhD

    Not the best procedure ever.
    But not the worst.

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