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Thread: How do you get diapers secretly?

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    Default How do you get diapers secretly?

    Pretty much what it says on the tin...

    What would be the best ways to get diapers covertly.

    I've heard of vending machines and dispensers that have diapers myself, that would be easiest I can think of, simply in and out nobody notices.

    Anyone else got any ideas?

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    Your initial posts made me think of writing this. I hope this helps you in some way. Your vending machine idea is a good one!

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    Or you could buy at a supermarket and use a self service checkout. Or even just a normal checkout, especially if you buy other stuff at the same time, the diapers will hardly get a second glance!

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    I order mine from the net but ask them before hand what packaging they send it too.

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    I have to agree with sambus here and say that buying them is not as hard as it sounds, I've actually gotten to the point where I can just buy some at my local CVS and walk out no questions asked. I suppose its all in the baby steps though, you can work your way to the buying diapers confidently stage, if you put the effort into it.

    First Experience: Try buying some baby diapers or goodnites from a store where you know you won't see anyone you know, that way you can get used to the feeling of buying from the register.

    Second Experince: Try buying some adult brands (ex. CVS Fitted Briefs, Depends) with a couple of other things, like shampoo, tooth paste, maybe a toy, anything so you can feel as though attention can be strewn away from the diapers, when in reality, the cashiers only are bagging the stuff a customer wants.

    Third Experience: You can buy diapers confidently without a hitch, in and out.

    Its not gonna be like that in three trips, maybe you'll need more tries, I don't know, the point is you are gaining confidence to do so naturally. For some excuses though if you do see someone you know and they ask you about it (more often then naught they'll just be happy they saw you and not care what you are buying) you can say for example

    "I'm getting them for a baby shower for this "how fast can you diaper a baby" game" (Nice go-to line that's easy to understand)

    "My (insert elderly relative) is town, and she asked me to grab some for her/him" (Not the best all the time, but still)

    Hope this helped you out in any way, as these are from personal experiences and other advice I've heard from many a place

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    Some stores security tag the adult diapers and they require a staff member to remove the tag when you use the self-service checkouts. If you're certain that's not the case they can be a good option. It's also a good idea to check that audio description is turned off before you scan them...

    It also depends what you mean by covertly. If it's simply a case of avoiding as much human contact as possible when buying them then you best best is certainly to look online at recommended retailers. You can generally get better prices this way too.

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