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Thread: Terminally ill toddler serves as Best Man in parents' wedding, then dies.

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    Default Terminally ill toddler serves as Best Man in parents' wedding, then dies.

    I don't cry often, but occasionally a story comes along that just shoots right past all my defenses and grabs me by the heart. I read this update during lunch today and had to close my office door afterwards for fear of being seen blubbering. I expect many people here have run across this story, as it's captured global attention over the last few days:

    Boy, 2, Dies After Serving As Best Man In Parents’ Wedding CBS Pittsburgh

    What a special thing to do, and, at the same time, what an absolutely gut-wrenching thing to have happen. I guess I'm sharing this here because, being as this is a place where people come to let off steam, discuss personal problems, etc., I expect many of us could use a change of perspective. This is the kind of story that, in the end, makes you feel a bit better, not because somebody else clearly has it worse than you do, but because the way in which their problems were faced demonstrates and provides a comforting awareness of what's really important.

    I'm also often told that parents respond very emotionally to stories like this, and that may well be why this hits me so hard. I have two young kids who depend on me and trust that I can solve any problem they can't solve for themselves. To have them bring me a very serious problem I couldn't fix or otherwise make go away would be an unbearable failure on my part. It's so easy to project either of their faces onto this little boy, and I just can't imagine what I'd do.

    Well, there you go. Probably not much of a discussion topic, but it seemed worth sharing.

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    Thank you for sharing this, even though it's an incredibly sad story. I'm not a parent, but I'm still hard-pressed to think of anything more awful than losing your own child. I'd feel horrible, like you said, for being unable to help the person who depended on me for everything. At least the little guy got to see his parents be happy together at their wedding, even if he may not have fully understood what was going on.

    Even though it's sad, it's still beautiful in a way, to see such a picture of love and unity. This family got to share a special moment all together, and at least they had that. I guess it's a real reminder to be appreciative of what we do have, while it's here. We never know what'll happen, so let's be sure to show the people who matter to us that we love them, while we can.

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    This was a very good one to share. I seen the story, and being an Emotional person I did cry. It is very sad for parents when they know there is nothing they can do for their child. He was so young but seemed to left his mark on the world.

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    Thanks Cottontail. I saw the story as well and also was touched. As a father of three and grandfather to five, I know how precious life is, and also how frail. My wife and I deal with her health issues every day, yet we are blessed to have such wonderful children. I can't imagine losing one, no matter how young.

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    Yes I read this story the day of the wedding and the sad news afterward. It is touching and sets off a sequence of emotions from the realization that we are lucky to not have to share those same burdens of loss and suffering that this couple and their baby had to.

    This same thing happened to me at work a few months ago upon learning that my great-niece had passed at the age of 3. I had to walk down the hallway and outside to breath. Once by myself I broke down and cried. I wept for my nephew and his wife's loss and the sad reality that I never got to meet their child.

    This emotion caught me entirely off-guard.

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