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    Google sent me here, after I asked him to find some forums where ABs hang out. I lurked for a few days because I was nervous about actually joining. None of my friends (out in the world) know that I'm an adult little girl. So, I'm hoping to meet some like-minded folks, here. You all can call me Lulu and ummm...I'm happy to be here. That's all, I guess.

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    well hi there little Lulu i'm little leo welcome to the group hope you find lots of friends. do you have any hobbies ? again welcome hugs little leo

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    Welcome Lulu. Don't be shy around us here. We're understanding folk and we all enjoy one thing: DIAPERS!!! I'm from Utah (Mormon country), but I'm not letting that change who I am - a diaper lover.

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    Thank you all for the welcome. And, @littleleo, I have lots of hobbies. Most of 'em have to do with playing outside. Thanks again and hugs all 'round.

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