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Thread: Got that new kid feeling again.

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    Default Got that new kid feeling again.

    I have no ab/dl friends. Please helpe remedy this.
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    Hello, welcome to ADISC, as a whole, we're a pretty friendly community.

    Care to tell us about your other interests? What type of hobbies do you partake in? What's your favorite musical group?

    Feel free to check out the forum, though. We even have a Forum Fun section, if you wish to merely have a silly time without much effort.
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    Hey, East of the uk here. Took me ages to make friends in the same time zone but this is a friendly community so stick around

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    Quote Originally Posted by babybluef View Post
    I have no ab/dl friends. Please helpe remedy this.
    Hey there babyblue!

    Welcome to ADISC glad to have you around on the site!

    If you want, you can update your introduction by using the following guide!

    I think a lot of people would like to know more about you, we are all really friendly; but it's nice to know your other interests.

    I hope that you have been, and will continue to enjoy ADISC.

    - Lobie

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    Well im an avrageish 20 something year old. Love art music and the like, im a film maker and an artist. grew up in the north of the country now live in the south have a son and a girlfriend.
    Smoke bud erry day so it would be nice to chat about that stuff. Im obviously here for the one thing we all love...hit me up!

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    Hi and welcome to the community. Like others have said this is a very friendly community.

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