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Thread: Please give me some help

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    Exclamation Please give me some help

    I need some help just freeing my mind. Ever since I have started looking for a better small diaper, I have had a increased amount of stress on my mind. It is just eating away at me, I feel. I just want to know what you guys would do. I am seriously so close to just trying to quit. The amount of rudeness I have gotten from asking for help on other sites, and the amount of people to tell me that my petition is useless, has seriously made me not feel welcome in this community anymore. They majority tell me I am lieing and that their are some smalls on the market that I can have, and that I need to forget about it. I feel its like you all want me to eat a bucket of lard. Like what do you want from me? What mean thing have I done to you?

    If any of you wear smalls, can you just tell me what you wear for day and night? I am just tired of searching.

    I am also sorry for so many post on it, I know some people probably ignore me, when they see my name.

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    XP Medical - Tena Slip Maxi European Adult Diapers

    I highly suggest the one I linked. I've used the medium before and they compete with any top premium brand. They hold a ton yet hold their shape very, very nicely (and tapes) when swelled up. If you want a premium small diaper, get that one.

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    never tried tena but i have a bag of abena M-4 for when i wear to work i typically wear medium but i can fit the small. it will easily last my entire 6-8 hour shift usually i increase my fluid intake just to make sure i get it nice and wet.

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    Tena Maxis seem to get amazing reviews from smaller individuals, as do Abenas. Past that, I sadly can't think of too many other "Premium" brands that cater to smaller people (Perhaps Molicare?). I'd recommend trying Tenas, hopefully they work for you as well as they work for others.

    Note to the OP about your last line:

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    I'd agree with krone6 on the Tena Slip Maxis but Molicare Super and Super Plus are available in small: XP Medical - Molicare Super and Super-Plus Adult Diapers and while they are probably too big, the medium from Unique Wellness is supposed to be okay down to 24" and they do free samples, so it might be worth a look: Free Sample - Super Absorbent Incontinence, Super Absorbent Adult Brief, Super Absorbent Diapers. It's an embarassingly small range of options but since we can't make diapers, all we can really do is provide our sympathies with these few suggestions.

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    I like the Molicare Smalls in purple. They are very comfortable and hold quite a bit. I highly recommend them.

    And how can we hate you with such a cute Avatar?

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    Thanks everyone. I am probably just gonna settle for molicare I guess. Tena is expensive and I was trying to start wearing 24/7, or close to it.

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    Not sure why but finding smalls have been a problem in stores. With a 33" waist and a muffin-top belly I had to go to the med. Smalls have always been the best fit for me.

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