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Thread: abdl friendly magical supply stores in MD?

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    Default abdl friendly magical supply stores in MD?

    does anyone know about any abdl friendly or at least safe place to buy plastic backed diapers at in md? specifically rockville/Bethesda md?

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    im not familiar with MD, but i can say that you probably wont find good diapers at a walk in store. If u must go to a store then id recommend drugstores as they typically have better selection. your best bet is at a local non chain drugstore or a home health supply, ive heard of people getting brands like tranquility and attends from locations like this. All in all though the best place is the internet, the selection cant be beat, the prices are usually great, nearly all sellers offer or include discreet shipping, and nothing wears or works like a good quality diaper.

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    I am not sure about anywhere that's "ABDL Friendly".. But there are certainly some pharmacy/med supply places that have quality products. Maybe a hair of a drive from Bethesda, but there's Empire pharmacy in Glen Burnie. They carry Tranquility SlimLine. I've purchased there before with absolute ease.

    Chandlers in Hyattsville carries some Molicare products.

    There are several pharmacies in that general region that might carry good products. I meant to check Empire pharmacy ones, but they were closed.

    Nearer, maybe try spectrum medical. Not sure what they have, but worth a shot!

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