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Thread: What movie best describes your life?

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    Default What movie best describes your life?

    I'm not sure if this will go very far, but if you could pick a movie, past or present, that describes your life, what would it be? For example, maybe you're an activist that fights for the little people so "Superman" would be your choice. Maybe you want it to be funny, so if you're a flighty person, you might respond "Gone With The Wind". Personally, I think National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation describes me as I can relate to the relatives in the movie and I'm always fumbling around with things.

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    Probably Kill Bill..........

    Okay not likely, I'll have a serious answer once I can think in the morning. EXPECT IT!!!

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    Would it be okay if I said a video-game?

    There is one in particular that I think would fit.

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    For me I would have to pick "Forest Gump" He proved even with learning disabilities we can do much.

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    I think Withnail and I, but with less drinking but just as much despair and swearing...

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