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Thread: Best Diaper? (Opinion thread)

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    Default Best Diaper? (Opinion thread)

    I'm curious as to what the personal preference of our members is, as I've yet to try all the available options. What is the best diaper in your opinion, and what can you recommend? Bellissimos are great, but are other, cheaper solutions really that inferior?

    I prefer babyish types over medical types (EX: Bambino exclusives instead of Abena)

    The thing is, I'd rather not spend $40 on Bellissimos if Cushies are similar in quality or only slightly inferior. (etc, etc)

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    these are my new best nappies i love them cuddlz AB nappies they hold a lot and work very well with the one tab just like a baby nappy and they are super cute to ps i love pokoyo

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    I've been using the abena M4 for a long time now. I want to try so many other, and get AB items, but I just can't afford it with the shipping cost (times like this I wish I didn't live in canada) but oh well.

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    Out of everything I've tried Bambino Bellismo's are the best.

    But I'll wear Abena M4's (never tried M3's), Dry 24/7's or any of the printed Bambino's.

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    A popular choice that is definitely cheaper is to order from ABU. Most of their items are pre-order now though, so you would have to wait either a week~two weeks to an entire month~two months depending on which design you want. >o< <- There's a comparison thread, albeit most ended up siding with Bellissimos.

    The main things that are different is that: ABU's tapes are one per side, the tapes ABU uses is stickier, and Bambinos are definitely more absorbent then ABU.

    Also I could've just told you all this myself this but I wanted to creep your thread hi I love youuuu. :3 <3

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    Bambino Bellissimo diapers and the Dry 24/7 diapers are both my favorite diapers. Best overnights diapers for me no leaks.

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    Tena slip maxi by far. Only disposable i will even attempt to wear that competes with my cloth diapers.

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    Thick cotton, either snaps or pull ups, ones that allow a booster pad

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    The only diapers ive ever bought other than depends from the store are abena x-plus. generally i prefer plastic backed and they are great. id say abena holds plenty if not the most, my only real issue with them is that i dont quite get the squish factor that i remember from pullups and goodnights as a kid. the next diaper on my list is dry 24/7 but any insight is appreciated.

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    I'd say Bambino Bellissimos are my favorite. They hold up to Abena L4s and Dry 24/7s, fit better and look cute(They're commonly referred to as bunny pants on twitter even, which adds another layer of cuteness to them I think).

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