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Thread: Nappy sensitivity! (Sorry Girls Its a Boy Thing)

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    Default Nappy sensitivity! (Sorry Girls Its a Boy Thing)

    So i'm having a bit of a problem with sensitivity in regards to my willy its not sore its just really sensitive. The problem comes at night as i tend to wet my nappy and then full back to sleep and then in the morning i'm a little sensitive down there. I have not really ever had this problem be for i will say i have been wearing more thicker nappies then i'm used to so may this have some think to do with it ?. Is there any think i can do to help with this little problem ? any tips from other dudes would be a big help. hugs little leo
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    That's something that will go away with time. "Willy" probably hasn't gotten used to your change in nappies.

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    Have run into that with different brands of diapers. Some times the wetness barrier is not thick enough. If you happen to have strong pee that to can lead to sensitivity.

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    Hey thanks that's what i thought as i have been wearing the same brand of adult nappies for some time now and the change over to a much more thicker nappy the AB cuddlzs. So it may just be that my boy parts are not used to the feeling of a much thicker kind of nappy yet. I was not shore if i shod have made this post but same time i wanted to know if any other boys have had the same problem with sensitivity like i said my post its not sore or red or any think like that it just feels very sensitive at this time. The last month or so i have been wearing my nappies a lot more then i would normally. Any way thanks again. hugs little leo

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    Thicker diapers will do that. Might try some baby lotion. Try to find the most comfortable place for Willy to lay with out getting rubbed all the time.

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    I'm not sure if this helps, but I managed to come across some notes in my Owners' Manual...

    Congratulation on becoming the proud owner of some of the latest products in our exclusive Gentleman's range of fine musical instruments. With the correct care and handling, these products should last a lifetime.

    In order to maintain your instruments, please take note of the following care guidelines.

    1. Soak in the bath regularly, to ensure that soap and water reach all the crevices of your delicate instrument. Both standard and antibacterial soaps are available from your retailer.
    2. After bathing, dry carefully and run down the street naked shouting "Eureka!". This will enable the air to circulate and make sure your instruments are completely dry before returning them to their storage containers. If anyone claims to have witnessed this, just deny all knowledge and say, "Must've been Archimedes. It sounds like the kind of thing he would do."
    3. Exotic instruments require the correct treatment to maintain their shine and lacquer. The Gentleman's Oboe and Gonadian Maracas perform best when stored in breathable containers. When this is not possible, their lustre can be maintained with the frequent application of a zinc oxide polish such as Sudocreme. Avoid abrasive chemicals. Do not bleach. Do not machine wash.
    4. Please note that all instruments are hand-made out of the finest natural materials. As a result, there may be some variation in shape, colour and sensitivity. This is a normal feature of natural products.

    You are reminded that no instrument contains user-serviceable parts. Handle with care. In the event of failure or malfunction please return to your local authorised service centre for examination.

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    Thanks tiny that was a big help i see now what i have been doing wrong all these years. I'm just going to run down street naked shouting "Eureka! now i will let you know how i get on and if it makes my willy feel any better. super hugs

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    I'm not sure if this helps, but I managed to come across some notes in my Owners' Manual...
    I want to know were the nearest authorized service center is I have major malfunction with my instrument.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    I'm not sure if this helps, but I managed to come across some notes in my Owners' Manual...
    Absolutely fantastic post tiny, brilliant :-) . LittleLeo, I have also had the same problem, especially when I change brands but now and again the strength of my pee increase and so does the sensitivity. Pretty much what others have said before me. Hugs

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