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    ive been brought here by google many a time, an tonight i finally made an account. I have posted a good bio on my profile if u really want to read about who i am. But in a nutshell, I'm 22, and I've always loved and had a desire to wear and wet diapers since i grew out of them. Im a very smart and intelligent person. i can seem rough or harsh at times but i really have a heart of gold and have been known to bring great insight into a topic or to bring a new viewpoint to a subject. i always try to look at things from every point of view. i am very different from most people and often i strive to be that way. i am a unique one of a kind individual, with a very unique and not so one of a kind hobby.

    glad to be here,

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    Welcome Andy!

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    Hi and welcome to he community. some post in the forums are very interesting and need thoughts from both sides, just as long as it does not reach the bullying stage.

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