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Thread: Any Suggestions on Walmart/Walgreens brands?

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    Default Any Suggestions on Walmart/Walgreens brands?

    Starting maybe this friday Iím going to be introducing my sub to diapers for the first time, and I very much so have limited funds. About $20 to be exact. I have no way to order online, only picking some up from a Walmart or Walgreens with a friend of mine.

    So, with that in mind, with the money I have, what is a good brand of diaper I could get? I donít want briefs really, I want ones with actual tabs I can pull up between her legs and all.

    Suggestions? Please? I understand that all the ďbest brands" are pricey and are online from ABDL sites and all, but what can I get from like a Walmart?

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    Depends Maximum Protection is about the best thing with tabs you're going to find in a Walmart. Not sure about Walgreen's. I don't have any actual experience with diapers so that's about as much as I know.

    Also, I see you're new. You should introduce yourself in the introductions forum so we can get to know you better.

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    Hmm, those don't look bad. I like how they look plastic-backed rather than cloth, I was hoping for that as well. And will do in a bit, just wanted to get this discussion rolling asap, lol.

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    Don't be fooled, the new Depends Maximum Protection are now cloth backed at least the last pack I've purchased from them was cloth backed.

    I use the home brand from Wal-Mart (Equate) in Canada, can't say much about their absorbency because I always wear something inside of it usually a GoodNites. But they are fairly cheap at around 13$ for a pack of 20, they are cloth backed but their velcro works really well.

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    What if I were to opt for non-tabbed ones, are there any from those two stores that would be plastic-backed?

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    Also, what about the "Tranquility All Through the Night" diapers?

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    Walgreens certainty/ CVS maximum protection briefs are both cloth backed and with a stuffer offer moderate protection and are readjustable. I would choose those over depends if those were my only two options.

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    Certainty has always worked well for me and a large pack costs just under $20...

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    They're briefs? Does this mean they're like pullup? Or are they actually unfoldable with tapes and such? And for that matter, since I'm getting them for her, is there a big difference between the basic ones and the ones "for women"?

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    Briefs are another word for adult diaper. Most will have tabs. Pull ons or known as undergarments. Some do not like Depends but I have found the the best for me, I wear 24/7 Most are under $14.00 both places.

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