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Thread: Another thrift store find thread. Now with...

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    Default Another thrift store find thread. Now with...

    ...Help wanted and given.

    Since the other thrift store threads are closed, I'm forced to make a new one.

    While I was visiting relatives near Cedar Falls, IA; I decided to make a trip to a place called Trinkets and Togs in Waverly. It is there I found one bag of (i'm guessing) old Assurance briefs (Large!) that were still plastic backed. (Hooray)

    If anyone can help me find out how old these are I would appreciate it.
    Lot #: 2348r411636

    What's more is that there are still (last I was there) 4 whole packs of Attends underwear size Medium there for those adventurous enough to go get them. They themselves appear rather old as well, so quality could be anyone's guess.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Why not just look for a copyright date on the package?

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    What, may I ask, is there to copyright on diaper packaging? It has the patent number on it, but that's hardly useful, even if the date for the patent was listed. Additionally the packaging has "made in the USA" on it. Are assurances even made in America anymore?

    Surprisingly, they look so much like depends it isn't even funny. The only obvious difference is the wetness indicator: one thin yellow stripe down the middle. Depends is a blue dot strip.

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    Those diapers are about 5-10 years old and were sold in Wal-Mart. I loved them, as they were very crinkly and fairly absorbent.

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    Thanks for the info. One thing I will add to that is that the tapes are the strongest I've ever experienced. Given that there is no landing zone, this may be a problem since placement is a one shot deal; but if you're any good at taping on your own diapers, I hardly mind that at all. Beats a failure @ night when you don't wake up to catch it.

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