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    What the title says, if you had only one chance left to eat a meal, what would you eat? Any reason why you picked this food?

    Myself. A fresh loaf of bread, some butter, and a chocolate milkshake, the biggest one I can find.

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    Everlasting Gobstopper. (The one from the book or movie, it lasts forever.)

    Seriously, A big steak cooked medium rare, fresh corn on the cob, a baked potato, fresh bread still warm from the over, and butter, lots of butter.

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    I hate to hijack threads but I'm the kind of person that, between obliged choices, always wants to find the alternative one....

    In this particular case, "only one chance left to eat a meal" means I'm not going to survive for a long time, since eating is pretty necessary for living... this perspective obviously would make anyone uncomfortable and, when I'm nervous, food is the last thing I have on my mind.

    So my choice would be.... nothing! I'd already be busy enough trying to figure out the way to avoid it being the "last meal"!

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    Interesting question. I worked with a psychologist that wrote a book about last meals of prisoners on death row. His name is Richard Nongard (not positive about the spelling), and maybe you can find the book on Amazon, if you are interested.

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    I don't think eating on a rush would be nice :/
    But I'd get lasagna.

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    every kind of sushi i can find.

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    Everything I like to eat with painless poison on the side

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    A full Christmas meal! That would be good.

    Although actually I'd want my last meal to really last for a long time...
    So maybe a Chinese banquet! Which lots of courses.


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