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    Everyone thinks its great to look younger than you are, except me. Because I've had to deal with so many upsets with this very subject its made me desperate to look my own age. At the tender age of 21 when most of us are still figuring out adulthood, I am consistently bambarded with the "You can't be more than 18!" and the "Aren't you too old to work here?" and the "My grandchild would really like so-so, she's 16 like you think she would like it?"

    It's the constant 14-18 age limit people have on me, and its really made me feel bad about myself. Because in one sense I want to look my age. I want people to know I'm an adult, so they can treat me with the same respect as they would a 21 year old. Not a 14 year old or 16 year old.

    In another sense I'm glad to look so young because it helps me in terms of looking like a young girl.

    But anyway...the picture is fairly old, in an attempt to look older I dyed my hair auburn and cut off 9 inches. ...didn't do a damn thing. People still comment on my age.

    Should I accept myself or figure out a way to look my age? It upsets me that in the real world I'm still considered a child when sometimes I want to be treated with the same respect as everyone else.

    Edit: Photo on profile is updated to my new hairstyle.
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    You are correct when you say that everyone who is not the one who is actually dealing with it thinks that looking younger would be heavenly. It's a fantasy desire-transference thing: we always want the thing we don't have. Another ABDL example with which I personally have experience: so many people here think that it would be so wonderful to be actually incontinent. Well, no, it's not: dealing with diapers 24/7 when you really have no control is not much fun. Aside from the potential embarrassment factor, there is the expense issue, the inconvenience issue, the bulk issue, the extra baggage issue, etc. And yet...

    I remember when I wished I could look younger than I did...because I didn't. (And of course, at my age, everyone wishes she could look younger than she does, but that's a different matter.) There will come a time when you will finally find that you are physically accepted as, if not your actual age, then as a mature adult, by those you meet. And sadly at that time or some time thereafter you'll probably begin wishing nostalgically for the days when you used to have that teenage look. It's natural: we all do it. But I totally understand how completely frustrating it must be to have to live with that burden every day of not being seen to be what you know yourself to be.

    Do you think your young appearance led to your AB issues in any way?

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    That's an easy problem for men to solve - don't shave for a couple days :-). That easily adds a couple years. For women I'm not aware of a quick and easy solution like that. It might be worth going to a nice/expensive hair place one time and asking for advice. They would probably have a better idea of what might work. And once you settle on a style you can go someplace cheaper. No idea if that would help - but it's a thought.

    Gaining a bunch of weight would also probably make you look older - but I don't think that's a good idea.

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    Look at some the older people who try to look like they are still in their 20's and 30's. There are times I don't like looking at this older person looking back at me. But I won't go under the knife just to look at some who isn't me.

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    This girl i know said to me that i had the body of a young boy as i have not much body hair for my age and true i dont no face hair or body hair i was a late starter in live. The only time it becomes a problem when going into a shop to buy alcohol. Im cool with looking a lot younger then i am no problem for me.

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    Dunno if this will help, but you are exceedingly pretty in the pic posted in your profile. You will remain pretty through life and when you hit 30's and later... you will be glad to have your youthful looks.

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    I look a lot younger than my physical age. Only recently did I stop getting carded, but some people I meet still think I'm underage. It's how you act that matters, just ignore those who treat you based on how you look.


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    Thank you so much. This really helped me put things in a better perspective.

    As for your appearance didn't lead to me becoming an AB or had any say in me surrounding myself in this community. It just sorta happened. But my appearance does seem to help a little when finding someone that likes ABDL as well. Experience I've come to discover around fet-sites and nothing more. But no, it didn't have anything to do with me and ABDL in anyway.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Plastic surgery has never been on my mind, except to take away a little fat deposit on my noise which is a really small procedure, and it sorta annoys me that I have a small "witch's bump" :p. But, yeah. Thank you for that last sentence. I had never thought of plastic surgery in such a way until now.

    - - - Updated - - -

    <3 Thank you so much for the advice! <3

    I'm pretty headstrong so I am going to really try to do exactly that! :3

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    i'd say that you look your age, but that's me.
    from the times that i've been quizzed about my age, told them and then faced, "you don't look it, you only look about......", i learned the reply of, "how would you know?"

    given time, you'll find your place and make a name for yourself in it, and both those things will triumph over anything else (for anyone, be it an issue of age, race or belief). so, for now, just enjoy the confuzzling you can do by your fleeting youthfulness.

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    I know how you feel there StrawberryRaven, I'm 20 but sometimes I still get comments of people thinking i'm in either middle or high school, but I try to accept it myself as a blessing of sorts. Not exactly sure how to explain it but I do.

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