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    Default Sani-Pant plastic pants

    Has anyone tried out the Sani-Pant plastic pants? I'm thinking of getting them and I want to know how effective they are at stopping leaks and how durable they are.

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    I have some. They have kind of a fabric cover on heavy vinyl like material. Pretty decent quality but not real soft like PUL. I find that they work ok but the leg cuffs are not fantastic at sealing. They kind of have ruffles and the seam against your skin is just fabric so it can only do so much. However because they can be wider than your underneath disposable diaper and sit lower on your thighs, they can help prevent some leaks. They are just ok in my opinion but I do use them at night when visiting friends as extra insurance against damaging their mattress.

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    I had got these 5 years ago. Terrible, Just terrible.
    They don't stop leaks that well and if you do leak you can't get the smell or color out of the external fabric.
    If they are your only option... I guess but otherwise I would go with some other kind. Preferably ones with no fabric.

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    I agree with mickey, horrible, no good, maybe one dribble then it all shows

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    Sani-pants are indeed inferior, yet they are relatively inexpensive. The crotch is too narrow for double diapering. That being said I have used them, but I am not a wetter.

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