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Thread: when you wake up?

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    Default when you wake up?

    Do you keep your wet diaper or for awhile or take it off?

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    In the morning I immediately go to work when I wake up, so I wet and change immediately.

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    I walk the dog. Get my newspaper. Check ADISC. Read Newspaper. Make and eat Breakfast. Then I change my wet (or soiled) diaper.

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    On work days I take it off within the first 15 min. On non-work days I leave it on for maybe an hour or so while I have breakfast, watch news, etc... If its totally soaked and about to start dripping then it comes off right away regardless of my schedule for the day.

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    I'll get up and pour my coffee and take my meds. By that time I'll have peed again. Turn on my computer and check email and ADISC. After I finish my first cup I then take my diaper off.
    What happens to me is when I take my diaper off and let pee wee free he goes again. I then kind of dry my bottom and let it air out. I usually have a potty call for pooping before I shower.

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    I'll change immediately 90% of the time. Rarely will I stay it much longer than 20 minutes or longer due to the fact that I tend to flood my diaper in the morning.

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    Most of the time to soaked to stay in.

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    I keep it something like 30 minutes and put a fresh one on

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    As many have said, it depends on whether or not I have appointments or have to work. In the case of having some free time and no visitors, ill leave it on as long as possible. Otherwise, it comes off when I get up for my shower ( I'm not always wet in the morning however).

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