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Thread: What Triggered It?

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    Default What Triggered It?

    So, sometimes someone becomes an ABDL by something dramatic in their childhood. I'd like to hear your stories about why you think you became AB/DL.

    So for me....(Long story)

    Me and a couple other kids were playing four-square in elementary school, And someone threw the ball, And it rolled down the hill on the side of the blacktop to a fence. Well, we had told the one kid who threw it to get it, and so when he went, he tripped over the curb and somehow broke his leg. Fast forward a couple months, And this officer comes into my class and asks for me to come with her so she can talk to me. She brings me into the Special Ed room, where no one was there, and Told me that if i ever went near her son or hurt him again (Kid who broke his leg) That she would arrest my parents and put them in jail, and take away my brother and put us in foster care. Well, I was 7 at the time, and I was mortified. So i kept that to myself for years, and when my mom was talking to that kids grandma, they wanted us to be friends. I was pretty much to the point of crying to my mom that i don't want to be near him.(Had pretty much forgotten the incident with the mom, but remembered that i had to stay away from him). Well, come 5th grade, We were outside at recess, and i was with a couple of my friends playing, and he comes up to me and says that i broke his arm/leg. I got really defensive at that point at adamantly told him that i didn't, Then i made a real mistake and threatened him saying that i was going to kill him. (Beat up kind of attitude) And he runs into the principals office. Long story short, Police were involved, mother (Who was a cop) wanted to charge me with terrorist charges, case thrown away. Still a little Sheepish around police because of that.

    Well, I guess that is what mainly provoked me being AB/DL. Trying to get back to the childishness and innocence of when i was 3-5.

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    I developed my diaper fetish around the age of four. I think it may have had something to do with being around an infant cousin, but who knows.

    My ab feelings, on the other hand, appeared around 8 months ago while reading the ab/DL my little pony fanfic ''Pinkie Dinky Pie.''

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    I've always needed them at night and on/off during the days since...well...birth!

    So, in college I met a new gf and had to tell her about my diapers...she was fine with it...

    At this point in time I've never been into any ab stuff...and don't think I have a fetish for diapers...anytime I can not wear I do...keep diaper rash down...

    Anyhow, after we were going together, and usually either me staying at her very nice posh house...which was most the time...or her staying at my third story walk up apartment...

    So, she actually introduced me to the ab thing...I never asked where she found out about it now that I think about it...

    So, it started was fun...we also dabbled in other fetish activities as well...

    But after awhile she kept going farther and farther...

    I was 5 years younger than her...when we met I wasn't even leagle to drink!

    But, after more and more ab stuff...I got scared...and I broke off the relationship...and left town...really actually moved two states away!

    So, that's how I got introduced into some odd 20 years later sometimes I think back to what we had in the ab arena and wonder where I'd be today...

    See, at 20yo I was still trying to be macho man...and trying to convince myself even that I was macho man...when in fact I'm not.

    Now, I love my gf...but I to this day don't have the amount of ab stuff when with my ex...btw: her family had some money...not my family!

    So, these days I like to snuggle up in a sleeper and/or a onesie...grab my puppy dog...and relax...

    Back then either it was my perception or real...I felt nervous and pushed into things...

    Some things I liked a lot, like she had a custom "car seat" style chair in the back of her van...that was fun! this day I think that was the only times I ever slept in a car...

    But then there was things like play dates, or her have people over when I'm dressed up...which at her place in the end was about 90% of the time...and sometimes when I didn't want to play baby she would either get mad or even say things like she's going to burn my regular stuff so I don't have a choice but to wear ab clothing...this wasn't cool with me and things like this led to our demise...

    Now, my current live in gf is fine with the diapers, onesies, plush puppy, my not quite done crib, my stroller which whe pushes when out and about, but, doesn't like to do the whole ab thing very often, which is fine with a 9yo and homeschooling and everything there isn't much time or energy on my part either...

    Anyhow, sorry for the long winded explanation...and I left out lots of stuff...


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    I was a bed wetter till 11. and I was never put in diapers. so everynight i would wet and would cry and soon i got used to it and sometimess i would wake up mid-peee and just kept on peeing cuz i though "well i already wet the bed, might as well finish and take care of it in the morning" i now have a diaper fetish and slight pee fetish. but don't get me wrong i still was deeeply embarrased and ashamed i wet the bed and i wanted to wear diapers.

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    I'm guessing my story is going to be a little different than others.

    It started as a bondage kink. Finding the idea of being bound being arousing, I looked onto the interwebs to figure out what I was. Because having been 16 at the time, I had never heard of anyone desiring such a thing, so it shocked me to understand that there was a whole community around that. The fantasies dwelled towards mental restrictions and then physical spankings. Which then led to the idea that my "Master" could instead be my "Daddy". And that with the thoughts of BDSM, I could also just have a normal Daddy/daughter relationship. Without the incest of course. And so, yeah. That lead to understanding that I enjoy diapers, pacifiers, etc etc. And so here i am.

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    Mine probably started when I was really young, I was potty trained in about two weeks, and had a few issues leaving diapers right off the bat. Later I began to bed-wet, probably every night for awhile. I wanted to stop but just couldn't seem to, eventually I had a younger brother, I think deep down I became kind of envious that he got to wear diapers and I didn't, I even believed I needed them at night to varying degrees.

    Long story short, a diaper fetish eventually sprouted from this. I have more details in my intro if anyone interested

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    I think mine started due to childhood trama (sexual abuse as a young child) and I wanted to be covered Diapers were my choice because they made me feel secure I am still more DL than AB but I enjoy the whole thing now since I met my darling husband and he is abdl too

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    This is of course a repeat thread - but I would urge the moderators NOT to merge it with any of the others. They become incredibly difficult to wade through!

    ... and in my opinion this is one of the most important questions we can all ask and try to answer. We have varying levels of self-acceptance. We all have different routes to this desire. So when this question surfaces in the forum, I think it should be allowed to run, die its own natural death, and then re-appear again at a slightly later date for different readers to do their own asking and answering.

    Myself I have no answers that convince me. I remember the earliest stirrings of the desire, when I was around five years old, and as far as I'm aware they seemed entirely rootless. But already powerful.

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    For me, I may have been a Teen Baby and not realized. At 14 I used a towel to hide my bed wetting, got tired of being called lazy. I would fold the towel up and hold in place with my underwear. I always liked the thickness feel. At 19 I started using real diapers. My first were real baby diapers, Cloth. I found the largest diapers I could find. Then bought a pir of the largest plastic pants I could find. They were the Gerber Brand. Found if I stretched the leg openings they fit me just fine. When I put them on is the first time I felt like a little boy in diapers.

    Over the years being an Adult Baby has helped me deal with having to wear diapers.

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    With me, its kinda been with me all my life. my memory kicked in at around 2. i remember being switched from diapers to pull ups and then later real underwear. i know that when id wake up wet in pullups i would wear them around the house or wherever i was sometimes for hours and i enjoyed the feeling then. I really find my desire to start once i was put in real underwear full-time at 3. I may have been excited about big boy underwear for about a month, but then it just happened to where id think about and want to wear a pull up again. in the top drawer of my dresser there was an old clean diaper from when i was a baby. i used to rub the plastic and smell the inside but it was too small to wear and it was my only one so i never tried using it. my parents caught me with it one time and took it away. then 4 years old i turned to my friends who still had access to pullups, i was able to use several this way but eventually we got caught or they grew out of them too by age 6 or 7. the urges came and went until they seemed to disappear completely. at 12-13ish i hit puberty and the desire came back stronger than ever, now with an allowance i was able to make secret trips to the store in disguise and buy my own which i did about 3 or 4 times between then and 18(my stepmom found them a couple times and moved them to another spot in the house but ive never been confronted about it, and i would always move them back to my own hiding spot). at 14 i got my first computer(with interwebz) and discovered i had a fetish for girls peeing themselves be it clothes or diapers. after high school i went to university and stayed in dorms, the desire was there but i never got brave enough or really had money enough to get any. now im out of college and living with my bf i order abenas online and i wear and wet fairly regularly but not all the time. Sorry, Didnt mean to put my whole life story but i just got to writing and couldnt stop. but so yeah its been a part of me and followed me everywhere my whole life.

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