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Thread: Libero nappies

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    Default Libero nappies

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone knew the best most discreet way of acquiring the Libero nappies, it's something I want to try like many other brands such as Luvs, and since I live at home with parents I would rather not have packages coming to the door that are clearly nappies

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    Yes, go to B&M supplies depot / shop at Southport and get some!
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    I have had them they fit so well as im a 30 in waist but they have change them and the new ones are not so well fitting so i'm just saying good luck. hugs little leo

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    Are they much bigger than pampers baby dry size 6?

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    the old ones was yes much bigger about the same size as the pampers size 7 i had ship in from NY. but the new ones i dont think so

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    Such a shame they don't do any samples as I would prefer to sample first

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    yes it may be better then wasting you money if you can get you hands on the old one's then go for it as long as your waist size is 30 and under shod be no problem. good luck super hugs little leo

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    I might wait for a bit see if something pops up, I might just stick with pampers until I grow out of them

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    I would like to know as well. I have all my diapers shipped to my workplace, but they have to be delivered in a cardboard box - not in the plastic mailing envelopes.

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    Right well today I have received 2 samples from b&m supplies at no cost. The envelope does have b&m supplies plastered all over them. I shall be trying them out later on

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