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Thread: Strange Dreams

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    Default Strange Dreams

    Just a simple question what are the strangest dreams you've ever had?

    (I'll post some of my own later today)

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    The strangest dream that I ever had would be to long to put into a comment without people getting bored, so I will make it brief.

    I was walking home across the George Washington Bridge towards New York City, and I suddenly was rocketed up to a wooden-planked bridge in the clouds. Every step I mad was one step closer, and every step made the entire bridge shake. (Skip). I made it off the bridge and fell into the Hudson River, where I came across another bridge. This one was submerged in the water, and I went to go across the bridge. (Skip). Finally I made it to the end of the bridge. Now i had to to climb up some wooden planks in my way. (Skip). After just squeezing through, I finally was done with the bridges and obstacles. I arrived at...Newark Airport???

    Then I awoke. 100% factual.

    Tell me if you want me to tell about my first nightmare. :P

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    I had a pretty disturbing dream where I died. I'm not going to lie it was so scary.

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    I've had a ton of weird dreams before, perhaps I'll start with a nightmare I had back in my childhood.

    I walked down the stairs toward the laundry room and went inside, up on the shelf was a purple backpack with eyes and zipper-teeth, it did nothing but open and close its mouth in a menacing grin...

    I woke up after that. I'm pretty sure the backpack was the one from Dora the Explorer.

    Thats all for now, and by the way I would like to hear about your first nightmare.

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    I used to have a re-occurring dream where I'm in a large Victorian house, and there's a very bad feeling associated with being in the house. As I walk deeper into the house, room after room, I realize it's haunted. I walk up the stairs which takes me to the second floor, and I walk past the bedrooms. Now there's a real feeling of dread. Finally I come to a door, and it leads to the tower room, what some call a widow's watch. I try to open the door, but I can't. I'm too overcome by dread, as what ever resides up those stairs is too horrible to face. I turn and run. I've worked this scene into my novel.

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    When i was younger, I had this one Recurring nightmare. Once i woke my parents up screaming something in the family room (I had sleep walked in there, Never did before)
    Well, The dream was, Or the best that i remember it as, was that i was falling continuously down a dark/reddish shaft (Sorta like an elevator shaft in a sense) And this giant, Which changed every time i had it (From Giant Worm with teeth, to a Giant Troll? I would say) either ate me or grabbed me. On the few times that it grabbed me, it brought me somewhere. The only one i remember of that was that it brought me to an empty house that was in a valley, And i remember the flowerbed outside along with the giant killing me or crushing me.

    Anyway. I have no idea what that dream was about or why it kept happening, But to me, That was probably the scariest i've ever had. (Woke up sweating, panting, and sometime screaming) Keep in mind i was under 10 whenever that happened. Soooo.......

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    Another dream I've had before.

    I was riding my bike around an unfamiliar yet familiar town (not something I do often), it was broad daylight but there was nobody around, eventually I came across a fairly rural area with long stretches of road and surrounding forrest. I made the mistake of turning down this trail to the left and then, as the trail drops a foot or so uncovering what I had somehow missed on flat ground, human bodies... At the speed I was going I ended up tripping out over one of them, when I got up and observed the grisly scene I took note that there must have been over a dozen. Oddly about eight of them were laying side by side and the rest were just scattered, I could only distinguish the cause of death for one of them, beheading, but there was no head or blood to be found...

    Oddly enough I had come across the same place in a dream prior to this one about a week earlier, but I had come across it walking from the other side of the trail.

    It was not particularily scary, but definately disturbing.

    - - - Updated - - -

    One more for today, this one's a lucid dream I had awhile back.

    I forget the exact start of the dream, I'll just start a little further into it.

    I was in the what was supposed to be the yard of one of my cousin's house, but the entire place was unfamiliar to me. I went inside to have a look around, not much to see so I went back outside and the only improvement made to the yard since last I saw was a tornado (most people would be supprised, but that's not how I felt), the suction wasn't enough to pull me in. It was sometime around that point when the dream became lucid, I gained control, and the first thing I did was walk down the road to the (greatly misplaced) bridge that seperates niagra falls and crossed it. At the other side I had arranged the time location and a person to meet there, it was now nighttime, I had walked to riverside park (not far from where I live), and the person was an original character I designed myself (shes a favorite of mine). At this point I didn't quite know what to do (but I'm kinda pervy sometimes), so I decided I would take her somewhere indoors, I walked with her to a hotel I had thaught up (and tested the basics of taking items out of my pockets, explosives, just for fun), we went inside but she suddenly didn't seem well and sort of half feinted, (no longer pervy at this point) I carried her some distance until I reached an elevator. I realized only around the time the door opened that my right hand was up her skirt and right on her crotch (I guess it can't be helped), I probed only a little bit but realized something, without even looking I found out that her panties were made of rough white cotton. This led me to realize one more thing, I never propery defined what kind of underwear she wears.

    Then I woke up...

    Sometimes I wonder about myself...

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    I have precognitive dreams (long story;it runs in the family) and I saw an accident about a week before it happened. It was several little dreams that happened over three or four nights. They did not make since until I was hit by a car. from then on everything I had seen in the dream happened.

    I have had several others and the events have not happened yet. I know the difference between fanciful dreams and the precognitive dreams. I just hope these two that I have had never come true.

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    Precognitive dreams eh... I've had a few of those before, the most bizzare of these dreams was when I had seen the intro for the PS1 game Medieval, the night before my first time playing it.

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    I don't have precognitive dreams, at least none that I can recall, but I do have "flashes" in my mind of things to come. I once fixed a sprinkler line at home before we went shopping. Half way through the store I had a vision that the fix didn't hold. When we got home, the water had been turned off. A neighbor came over and said that the pipe had broke and water had been running down the street.

    On a few occasions, I have had flashes of hospitals and doctors and sure enough, within a week or two, a family member is ill or in the hospital.

    Now you can make the argument that I had a lack of confidence in my handyman availability and I do have older relatives, but I still wonder about my visions. We all have those deja vu experiences and I certainly have my fair share,

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