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Thread: New Study Shows 1/4th of Americans R Dum

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    Default New Study Shows 1/4th of Americans R Dum

    yup, poll by harris done on the internet (you know, the place where no one lies) did a study on the supernatural beliefs that adults in america held... and this is what they found:{9FF6758C-00C0-4673-81B9-6D506085F974}

    best statistic vote goes to this wonderful facepalmer:
    Slender majorities of all adults believe that all or most of the Old Testament (55%) and the New Testament (54%) are the "Word of God." However, only about a third of all adults (37% and 36%) believe that all of these texts are the word of God.
    Interestingly, only 26% of all adults believe that the Torah is the word of God, even though it is the same as the first five books of the Old Testament. Presumably many people do not know this."

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    Axiom one: People are stupid.

    P.S. How would one's belief or disbelief in any particular religious spectrum define them as 'dum' or not? If you want evidence of stupidity, point yourself to and see what they have there. Or and see what happens when someone with half a brain in their heads and a willingness to be karma's avatar, get told by someone in lagos nigeria, that they've won the world lottery.

    P.P.S. If you really wanted to see american stupidity, just examine the last presidential election/congressional races. Alaskans very nearly re-elected an old wind-bag named Ted Stevens, most famous for being the longest serving senator, along with his incoherant rants on whatever subject had his fancy that day. (Look up 'daily show+ted stevens+internet tubes' someday if you want a laugh)

    Why is that stupid? Because he was just convicted of 7 (!) SEVEN felony corruption charges a month prior. I know when I look for someone to represent me+my area in the grand arena that is politics, i'd like to be sure they aren't just in it to steal $h!t from me because they think they can get away with it.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I don't think that rates as "dumb". That's about as invalid an assumption as saying that people are "dumb" who don't know that the Book of Kells is also the Four Gospels.

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    Little ollie


    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    1/4 is a lot lower than I would have guessed
    Yeah I know I though it would of been higher aswell.

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    So basically... 1/4 Americans don't know that the Torah contains books from the OT.
    I wouldn't say that is dumb, maybe just ignorant (of facts).

    I'm not sure how many Brits would know that, since Religious Education tends to be the lesson where you throw paper at one another and make half-arsed posters with Jesus dancing.

    Plus I didn't even know what the Torah was, I just know that Jews dig the first half of the Bible, and Christians did the sequel.

    I find the 40% believe in creationism to be the more depressing statistic.

    Edit: Also, what are you basing the 1/4 on? The "25% of Americans Believe They Were Once another Person"?

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    Yes, the most depressing statistic I found there is how many Americans believe in Creationism. It saddens me, but it is lower than I expected given how loud those people are (go figure). At least more people believe in evolution than creationism.

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    Actually that survey can hardly be generalized to the entire American population. The entire article is misleading. It can not claim that all americans or a certain percentage of americans believe anything. The main and largest reason is that the American population would not be properly represented in an online poll. It claimed that it weighted the numbers, in actually sociological research you can not do this and expect generalizability. Another reason is that this was not probability sampling where everyone in the us has an equal chance or even multi-cluster sampling in which the restraints are a little less. This was done with non probability and therefore should claim that this survey represents all americans.

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    Lies! Bloody lies and statistics! Since when have statistics represented anything entirely accurate?

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    Little ollie


    Quote Originally Posted by Candyman View Post
    Lies! Bloody lies and statistics! Since when have statistics represented anything entirely accurate?
    Yeah there far to low its at least a third.

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