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    My mother and I are very close and this adult baby thing is difficult to keep secret. For the most part it's the fact that it is the first secret that with any luck she won't find out until I am ready for her too.

    I plan on leaving clues but I want to be very careful that she does not figure it out too soon. In other words I need advice on how to give her the sinking fealing of the truth.

    It would be nice if two or three years pass where my bladder has shrunk and I have proven that I am capable of keeping it a secret from people. I want to prove that I will be able to live by her version of normal. When she asks the question she will be ready to accept my decision.

    She is a therapist and she has seen people that are IC. She also understands that I like cartoons and what many people would consider girly. To her this is fine so long as I am not inhibiting my ability to live life happy and healthy. That I will still be able to do the things I set out to do. I plan on being a Luther and I firmly believe that I will still be able to even if I may wear diapers 24/7

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    Your mother seems to be a very understand person, you are very lucky to have a mother like that. I understand your wanting to wear diapers all the time but being IC is not at all fun and games. I have been talking myself out of using 24/7 for a few years, only to end up wetting my pants during the day. Being stuck in diapers take some of the fun out of it. I'm going into a month now of being diapered 24/7 because I have to be. If you set down and talk to your mother about your felling she may well understand them. Ether way you go I wish you luck. But don't harm yourself over wearing diapers.

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    I was at my parents when I posted this and could not get back on due to not wanting anything to happen. Pluss my sister was wondering what I was doing so I got off once I finished writing this.

    Thanks for the repply. I plan on talking to her if she has not found out by the time I am as close to IC as one who has no problems can get. To be completly honest about going 24/7 I would not mind if it was not fun anymore. This is one of the biggest reasons I want to try going 24/7 due to the fact I won't have the desire to use this as a sexual release. I want it to be a thing where I add to it to be like a baby for an hour or two. When I read about how many people who gone 24/7 loseing interest in it; I wanted to try it so that it would lose its sexual apeal.

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