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Thread: Underactive bladder with ISC

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    Default Underactive bladder with ISC

    Hey, I don't have incontinence, I have the opposite problem... The I can't full stop. Although I occasionally get overflow IC. I was on an indwelling catheter for about 12 weeks but have been recently taught to intermittent self catheterize and I usually seem to make a mess.

    Does anyone else ISC? How long did you take to grasp it?

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    I use ISC for pretty much the same reason, and it took me about a week to get the hang of it and be able to do it quickly and easily. It does make a mess sometimes because the flow doesn't always come out steady and smooth, sometimes it seems to splash about a lot. Sometimes it helps to withdraw the cath just a little and then push it back in again. It seems to work better when my bladder is fuller and therefore under more pressure, but I run the risk of overflow IC if I try to wait too long.

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    Shortly after my spinal injury, "urinary retention" was the norm. To be expected, of course. Started with indwelling cath, then to intermit (painful as hell when all sensory
    is intact). Grasping it was sure got my attention! UTI, pain, anyone??? Coping and managing it was another matter, of course.

    Lived with this maybe a year or so post injury. Gradually the situation swung the opposite way. Today, it is rare to experience retention, tho I'm tested for it regularly and
    very aware it could return and to seek immediate treatment. IC, inability to hold it, tho a hassle, is the far more desired bladder characteristic when compared to urinary
    retention, incomplete bladder emptying. I'm well aware some live with retention issues daily, for years. I feel for them and I count myself lucky. Maybe another
    affirmation for my use of diapers, eh?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrewgdfw View Post
    Grasping it was sure got my attention! UTI, pain, anyone???
    I guess I'm lucky, I don't feel a thing. Having experienced both, I'll take retention and ISC over incontinence any day of the week.

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    I think I prefer retention to incontinence. (I've experienced both too and bedtime wetting with a partner in the bed, no thank you!) Think I'm slowing getting there with the ISC now, rarely make a mess now. Although, I have a habit of forgetting to go do it and holding my pee for like 12 hours... sometimes longer as the record is about 50 hours... I tend to forget to do it when I first wake up in the morning.

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    Holding it too long is a BIG mistake and can be dangerous. Aside from running the risk of urine backing up into your kidneys (potential kidney failure, death from toxins re-entering the bloodstream) you will also end up with a permanently distended bladder and possibly also a ruptured one. If by some miracle you survive that, you'll end up living with a permanent stoma (catheter through a hole in your abdomen).

    I'm in a different situation though - if I leave it too long I often start to leak, usually at about 4 or 5 hours.

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