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Thread: 2012 movie GoodNites

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    Thumbs down 2012 movie GoodNites

    So there's something I find hilarious about the movie 2012 and AB/DLs on DailyDiapers (I hate that site...). So I guess the movie has a reference to Goodnites, showing a pack of the for one of the main characters Lilly.
    On DailyDiapers, they're all like "OMG ABDLS AR GONA BE EKSEPTED CUZ OF DIS!". Oh, so one of the characters bedwets and needs Goodnites in the movie.

    I heard it's pretty much a poorly placed ad for Kimberly Clark. I'm not interested in seeing it anyways, but I just needed to point this out, how most DD users overreact over every little diaper/pee/poop reference they see.

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    yeah, the movie was GOOD, but the only reason I own a copy is because of the product placement.
    my question is why? lilly wetting the bed had absolutely no need to be in the movie and is not necessary to the plot. kimberly clark must have paid a lot of money to have that in the movie and I almost feel bad for the actor who played lilly having to go through that kind of embarassment, even though it was just for a movie.

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    I can't remember but I was wondering if it was in the movie War of the Worlds. I think she said, "no more pullups".

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    nope, it was 2012. I own both movies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeftLeppard View Post
    nope, it was 2012. I own both movies.
    You are right! But I wonder if I had heard that in another movie.

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    dissing another community only makes you look bad..

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    I'll admit I wanted the movie 2012 because I saw the post about the diaper stuff on the DD forums, which I thought was kinda awesome. But in the end I really loved the movie and I thought it was amazing.

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    After re-watching this recently due to Film Brain's review of it, I never realised this until now. I sure how KC got their moneys worth from that product placement, otherwise, it was a pretty stupid plot point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zpeed View Post
    dissing another community only makes you look bad..
    i stand by zpeed, im a mamber of soo many diaper communitys, and in all there are some losses weeds who are dissing the other sites, wich i am stongly agisnts, we are few, we all should work together!

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