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Thread: Where did all the decent overnight diapers go?

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    Default Where did all the decent overnight diapers go?

    I am getting ready to make a diaper order but all the decent ones are gone or have severely gone downhill,so here is what i normally keep for night use:

    megacareline(??? incomunicado)
    Dry24/7 (still out of production now til november)
    Molicare super plus (quality,price and absorbancy way off)
    Abena L4 (feels like stale cotton candy and pine needles)

    So any suggestions anyone, i have been trying to wait til the dry24/7 comes back in production but cant wait til november and have been using the abena l4 in their place with no problem until the last 2 cases have been so hard they actually make cracking sounds when you unfold them i cant spend $60 on something i cant use,maybe i got a bad batch i dunno. I cant think of another brand that has comperable absorbancy and i need all the absorbancy i can get as i wet extremely heavy when i sleep. Thanks for any suggestions!

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    You can try Tena Slip Maxi's for overnight. I tried them when I got a sample pack of them and they worked okay. They're a little thinner but they swell up nice and hold quite abit.
    My self though I wear Dependeco AIO's with a stuffer for overnight. The outer cover does get damp on them so I use a PUL cover over them to keep my sleeper dry.

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    I like the Bambino Bellissimo diaper. The Bellissimo diaper works great on me and no leaks so far. Yeah, I hope the Dry 24/7 comes back soon! But both diapers do hold a lot which is great for a bed wetter like me.

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    I wear night weight gauze pre-fold cloth diapers and plastic pants. Of course I have to wash them, but it's my thing and plays to my little side.

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    The Bambino Biancho may be another one to consider. It holds about the same as the Molicare/Abena/Tena but are very comfortable and have padding that extends into the sides on the front which is good if you are a side sleeper.

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