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    Default going to the movies

    Going to the movies to see two movies 2 guns and fruitvale station and of course i will be wearing a bambino bellissimo

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    Movies and diapers just go so well together. Have fun.

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    I have yet to see a movie in a diaper and I want to soooo bad .

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    Seeing a movie while padded is a lot of fun, especially for those of us with small bladders. You dont have to get up and miss part of the movie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by starrunner View Post
    Movies and diapers just go so well together.
    Diapers should be compulsory for watching movies! It'd help everyone to avoid hearing the dreaded "'scuse me, can I just get past you?" during the best part of the movie, followed by the same question a few minutes later when the person comes back.

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    i almost always wear to movies, usually i can make the whole movie without the need but it is nice to be able to just let go when you have to. this worked well for the hobbit as it was like 3 hours long and i shouldve worn the other day to pacific rim cause by the end i was twisted in my seat waiting for the ending to come so i could go to the bathroom.

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    "Fruitvale Station" doesn't end well at all. That said, I don't know why it had to be made into a "based on a true story" movie would of been better to just do a documentary on it.

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