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Thread: My bed finally looks just like how I want it

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    Default My bed finally looks just like how I want it

    Fort he longest time my bed and bedroom just had 'useful stuff'. It functioned but there was no particular style to it aside from anime posts I'd gotten in like 2004 and a few additional posters since. About 18 months ago I saw hot pink bed sheets at Wal-Mart and said 'Hmm... :3' Got some Hello Kitty pillow cases next. Around Christmas I found a pink/black comforter to go on top. The last bit was to replace my blankie; A a twin size Disney comforter that I had used for 25 years on the couch and on my bed. The print had entirely faded off, the stitching that kept the stuffing in place vanished, fresh out of the dryer it was more like a thin sack of old cotton that needed to be shifted around to be a blanket again. This week I got a hello kitty twin comforter to replace it and that's done.

    The décor in my bedroom needs to be updated next, there's a lamp I have my eye on but I'll wait till September for that but I thought I'd share.

    To sum it up, I finally have the bedroom that I should have had since I was 12.

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    Have you beat mass effect 3...nice posters

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    love the bed, mine has sailor moon blanket and pillow all over it

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    You're lucky. I plan to put some baby'ish plastic pillow cover and sheets on mine from once I move out. I'd then buy some childish blankets though my current fleece is staying with me. Suchan amazing blanket.

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    Thanks. I still want some other stuff but I think the bed is finally done. It's nice to know other people are making similar attempts though I wouldn't want any rubber sheets on my bed. :P

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    That looks fantastic. Pink isn't even really my thing, (i'm more of a green guy) but that just looks awesome.

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    Love that bear! ..I want to cuddle him so much!!! >.<

    Love the bed, very cute! I've got Princess Disney sheets myself.

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    Very nice., Bear and Bunny bother look snugly . Would like to find some care bear sheets for me.

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    Way to go! That is a gorgeous bedspread! I'm not much of a decorator either, but that looks awesome. Having a cute bedspread is something I've always thought would be really nice.

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