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Thread: Commissions? :D

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    Default Commissions? :D

    I'm looking to have someone draw my fursona which is a wolf wearing a diaperr and him wearing purple head phones on his head. Is there anyone here who can do that? I'm willing to pay! ^^

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    Well... I was going to PM this but as neither of us are yet ECs, and you don't seem to have an FA, I am forced to no longer be a ghost. So congrats, you've broken my nearly four-year lurking streak.

    I would be willing to do this for you. Perhaps I could do an example, and you decide if you like what you see? Just give me time.

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    Yayyyyy!! Thank you for showing interest ^^

    I can wait as long as I need to I have to wait for my replacement debit card to come in as I had to order a new one lol. I keep meaning to make a Fa account just never got around to it, I think I'll do that now though!

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