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    Hi everyone,

    I had had a few questions recently about ABDL dating sites that also included a question about It is a relatively new site that has arrived without much fanfare and is apparently still quite unknown in the community.

    It allows anyone to join for free; but all you can do for free is upload pictures and populate your account info. After that you have to fork over a bit of your hard earned cash just to get access to read messages, IM etc. They have actually blocked you from writing your email address in your profile description in case you are trying to redirect people to your 'free' email account, god forbid you ever try to use a free service to communicate with others.

    Wait, is free. Go!!!!

    So I wondered 'is it legit, is it a scam or just an exercise in squeezing cash from individuals with a bespoke set of lifestyle preferences'

    I decided to give the 3 day trial a go (what a sucker) and then cancel before the 3 days are up. Since I am canceling my credit card anyway it mitigates the risk somewhat.

    I must note that before you read on I still do not have any certainty of the site's legitimacy, but hopefully I can provide you with additional information you wouldn't normally have without joining which you can use to form your own decision.

    For the experiment I decided to set up 2 accounts; one which I would fully populate with detail, pics and use for the trial membership; the other would contain a generic non ABDL pic with the minimum amount of detail allowed for profile creation. Doing this allows me to scrutinise the attention both accounts get, the reasons for this will become clearer in a minute.

    Firstly the billing company, Zombaio. From what I can see they are an above board billing company, there aren't any huge red flags anywhere that I could see about the way they do business. Always open to correction of course.

    Ok so, the reason I set up 2 accounts was because after I set up the first I received 4 emails from 4 separate girls. Now, admittedly I am a hard-nosed skeptic but any straight male in the ABDL scene will know that kind of attention 1 day after setting up a profile is not always, but usually unheard of.
    I decided at this point to set up a second account as mentioned above, with minimum detail. Sure enough the same people with almost all the same email subject titles mailed me on this account also
    What does this mean or prove? Well honestly.......Nothing
    It could be that there is such a small population on the site that there is a contingent of 'female' profiles seeking other ABDL's and as I was new I attracted their attention.
    But it could also be a few users or just one user with a vested interest in the site sending all new users emails to entice them in to purchase a membership. (must suppress skepticism!)

    So after purchasing a 3 day trial membership I had an opportunity to read and respond to the messages I had received. Following this I did get replies from all original members who emailed me, which is positive.
    I won't go into the the details of the conversations but I did notice one seemingly important factor. With the exception of one user all users who emailed me would only do so when I was offline. If we were both online they would not reply. Again, this might mean absolutely nothing.

    I never really had a conversation where I felt I was talking to someone who was genuinely involved in the conversation, but I was only on for 3 days and I could say the same thing about most conversations I have had with users on Diaperbook.

    In fairness the cancelation process was very painless no funny things to note here, it was cancelled prior to the 3 day expiration. I had read up on how to cancel the account early on so I was aware of the 36 hour cancellation turnaround time which Im sure will catch out a lot of 3 day trial'ers.

    In summary, it is my belief that the sight appears to be a money making exercise, I'm don't think it is malicious but I don't think it serves as any benefit to the ABDL community either. Maybe I'm wrong but I guess only time will tell.

    Anyway I hope this has been of some help to someone.

    Stay little, Stay diapered


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    Well, but ADISC is member-supported through donations. I think you have to wonder whether a hook-up service could survive on donations. My guess would be no. People would not want to donate unless they were making connections, and once they make a good connection, they've gotten what they needed from the site and are probably just going to leave.

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    I would be careful, to say the least. I like your skepticism and your idea of testing the validity of the EMails you received. But I don't know if this occurred to you, or not, but sometimes scammers get you into a fake-love thing and beg for money for her to visit you (and in this case, probably baby you).

    Since male ABDL's are often more lonely than general males in the population, it's likely you could be targeted for scams like this. The only way I found out they existed was once when my credit card number was stolen online during a transaction. (Apparently the company's site got hacked.) And right away the credit-card thief used my bank money to open up a account. I asked, "Why did they do that?" And the people at the bank said, "They were hoping you wouldn't notice the small amount of money gone so that they could scam a lonely man into spending thousands of dollars on them."

    That is so sad. But there it is. Be careful, kiddos.

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    Wait, is free. Go!!
    Yes, but so is Fetlife. And Adisc isn't a dating site... Fetlife is... but it's also the wild west, real frontier country, a real free-for all, buyer beware. It is the site by which all the abdl people I know in person keep in touch. No scamming, and user-supported too. At the same time who you meet, and under what circumstances is totally up to you, including whichever precautions you take. Are you looking for an abdl mate? seems so... perhaps join fetlife groups that suit your tastes and chat one on one with individuals who strike your fancy? People usually put lots of info in their profiles to go on
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