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Thread: What is practical for you ?

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    Default What is practical for you ?

    Wearing diapers give you the comfort and the security you desired for. There is a number of us who prefers it to as thick as possible and some of us prefer it the way it is. My question is how practical for you when it comes to diapers.

    1) Do you double the diapers, to achieve the desired thickness ?
    2) Do you prefer buying thicker diapers with better capacity ?
    3) Do you think it is practical for doubling it up and wetting it ?

    Honestly I do sometimes wear double diapers, so that I can achieve the desired thickness I wanted. However I find it a waste of money, diapers and not practical when it comes to wetting it.

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    I wear diapers because I need to so thicker is better for me.

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    I'm not particularly motivated by thickness, it's more a matter of comfort, fit, discretion, and required capacity. Depending on what I'm up to that can indicate something thicker or thinner.

    However, if thick diapers were what did it for me, I'd look for reasonable ways to achieve that, because for a recreational wearer, it's really all about enjoyment. Consider getting some cloth diapers to add layers or just use cloth entirely if that's practical and appealing.

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    I really like thick diapers. Sometimes I will double up, but not often. As it is a waste.

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    I like thick diapers too. I don't double up anymore because I am wasting my diapers. I prefer buying thicker diapers with better capacity. I have to wear diapers for my bed wetting problems. I thought about adding some booster inserts or booster pads to make the diaper thick. I don't know if they make any thick booster inserts or booster pads out there.

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    I do not double-up disposable diapers and therefore I like the thicker diapers for daytime use, even if going out. However, I will wear thinner disposables depending on how long I will be out and what clothes I will be wearing over the diapers.

    For nighttime, I wear cloth diapers and usually wear two thick ones.

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    Doubling the diapers is not my way. I usually put molinea pads into them.

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    I do occasionally double up if I'm planning some little time in private. My diaper of choice is the Tena Slip Maxi, and using two of them gives enough thickness to ensure a nice waddle and emphasise the padded effect without becoming uncomfortable.

    You can poke holes in the inside diaper to help make sure that they both get used. However, even if the outside diaper is dry it hasn't necessarily been wasted. As long as you got some form of enjoyment out of wearing the diaper then in my mind it has served its purpose.

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