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    Default Looking for a new type of diaper

    I've been a long time user of Goodnites Girls, I've gone through many packages in the past 2.5 years. I also tried Tranquility ATN's on one occasion, and they were my favorite in terms of fit. And now I am unfortunately growing out of the Goodnites and they can no longer hold enough.

    My requirements are that they are plastic backed. I liked the tranquiltys for that reason and that they had a tight fit that constantly reminded me that I was wearing a diaper when I woke up in them. I don't care if they're pull ups or diapers, as long as they're plastic backed and feel like bulky diapers and don't leak.

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    If you want to be reminded you're wearing a diaper, then buy the Bambino diapers! They're plastic backed, thick, very absorbent, cute, and affordable. I love them!

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    Bambino are more expensive than the usual high quality diapers.
    They are around 2$ a diaper compared to 1$ for the real incontinence products.
    Bambinos do work well, but they are a novelty item.

    If you like good quality, plastic backed diapers, you might like Molicare Super Plus and Abriform X-Plus.

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    Tena Slip Plus, Super or Maxi



    Dry 24/7

    Abena M4

    But why not stick with the Tranquility ATN if they offerd you good fit and the feeling you liked?

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    I consider Tranquility ATN as low quality diaper. For me, the cut is horrible and the absorbancy barely passable.
    It's a direct result of the american capitalism aproach to health care. As low cost as possible.

    If the ATN suit your needs, then my opinion is irrelevent. If you want to improve, then explore what the Canadian and European market has to offer. IMO, it's way better!

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