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Thread: Huggies Slip-On Size 6 Review

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    Default Huggies Slip-On Size 6 Review

    My curiosity finally got the best of me. Ever since I noticed Huggies released a size 6 for their Slip-On diapers, I've wanted to try them. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a bag of them, so I broke down and bought a box of 60. I'm very glad that i did. Previously, I had been using the newest Pull-Ups as my regular diaper, since Kimberly Clark made them softer, stretchier and sightly bigger when they debuted the "Monsters" designs.
    The Huggies Slip-On diapers are very similar in dimensions to the 4T-5T Pull-Ups, but they are quite a bit stretchier. The sides are the same material, but a different color. The sides also extend down farther. Since the Slip-On diapers are billed as "Diaper Pants" and Pull Ups are training pants, the Slip-On diapers have nearly double the capacity. I am very impressed at how much I can get into the Slip-Ons. They are very soft, with a quilted cloth backing. I have started using these as my regular diaper. I will be buying another box of these, as they are well worth it to me.
    I took some time to measure these, like I did for the latest version of Pull-Ups. Referencing Cottontail's chart, and using the same measuring standards, here is how they compare (fully extended takes into account the velcro overlap):
    Type Size Gender Length Front Crotch Back Fully Extended
    Huggies Little Movers 6 Neutral 50cm 29cm 20cm 40cm 75cm
    Huggies Slip-On 6 Neutral 53cm 26cm 17cm 30cm 102cm
    Pull-Ups Learning Designs 4T-5T Boys 51cm 27cm 17cm 27cm 96cm

    Pictures to come!!

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    I have to ask was size waist you are am 33" and don't think they would work for me.

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    Also 5' 7" but have a muffin top belly. 160 lbs.

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    I noticed the chart had information on Pull-Ups size 4T-5T.

    Would they fit 34-38 inch hips?

    Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nanoman View Post
    I noticed the chart had information on Pull-Ups size 4T-5T.

    Would they fit 34-38 inch hips?

    Thank you!
    They probably won't fit if you don't modify them, but you can extend them with sides of another Pull-Ups (I know there's a link somewhere that show you how to do this), it won't fit properly at all, but you can put them on and wet them for awhile if you're careful with theses.

    Will try to get my hands on the slip on just for the kick to have them in my collection, perhaps I could manage to extend them like the Pull-Ups and that would be awesome, not sure if size 6 is available outside USA, I didn't see any slip on recently anywhere, but maybe it because I didn't look for theses either.

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    I have a 29 inch waist and the 4T-5T BARELY "fit". I ended up throwing them away because they didn't fit well at all. I'm just sticking with my current stockpile of Goodnites until my M4's and Molicares arrive.

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    Yes, you can extend the sides of the slip ons in the same way you would Pull-Ups. These are more comfortable to me than Pull-Ups. Even though the dimensions are similar, the Slip-Ons feel bigger. They also don't seem to crush my junk like Pull-Ups do. I won't wear adult diapers. I have tried several brands/styles, and I just don't get the same feeling inside using them. The day I can't squeeze into baby diapers and pull-ups is the day I quit wearing all together.

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    Do you know if Slip On are available in France ?

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    Sleepo, Huggies Little Movers Slip On are aviable in France but they are called Huggies Step In. (I checked on the Huggies France Website)

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