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    Default Fight or Flight?

    So I'm guessing many of you have heard of the Fight or Flight response to stressful situations. For me, I would be more in the Fight category, I'd rather stick with it and deal with the problem then leaving it.

    So, what would you do? Fight, Run, or Freeze up like a deer in headlights?

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    I used to be full on Flight. But lately, I'm much more of a Fight person: I want to take on the problem and solve it, confront it head on even if it might hurt.

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    Depends on the situation. If I think the other person is crazy and won't listen to logic, then I just walk away. However, if the situation involves imminent danger to me or my family, then I will fight.

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    If the person is bull headed and have the brains of piss ant then I would walk away. I feel I will be in danger if I walk away then I stand my ground and hope for the best.

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    If I'm rational I work out a solution. This covers 99.95% of stressful situations. I thrive on pressure, it's when I perform best. Probably why I was drawn to IT where everything is deadlined and tightly scheduled.

    If someone pushes me over the edge I tend to "wake up" an hour later in a dean's/police office having strangled someone unconscious. I get out of situations where that might happen ASAP, but sometimes it's unavoidable. Twice I've had someone steal my insulin while I was away and refuse to tell me where it is (one even sold it along with my syringes.) Those are the only two times I don't regret what I've done.

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    I had a conversation on this very topic with my kayak buddy some years ago.

    I concluded it like this:

    Fight if I have a moral or obligated ground to defend.
    Flight if I stand to gain nothing and lose much.

    I certainly avoid meaningless conflict but as I get older I am losing my fear of anything tangible.

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    I guess it depends on what you're fighting for and how you define fighting. I was brutally assaulted nine years ago by two men in a random act of violence. I still feel shamed that I attempted to run for my life but couldn't escape. The shame of running rather than fighting, it's one of the worst memories of my life.

    In my work as an advocate for tenants, my whole day consists of fighting for my clients. In this arena, a good advocate is prepared to fight by being well informed, will have relevant case law at, and have good mediation skills and ultimately provide strong representation for the client in the hearing room.

    In the long term, progressive advocates identify flaws and injustices in the system which put tenants at risk and we fight for changes to the system. This includes (for many of us) active involvement in the political system.

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    For me it depends, I would definitely take a bullet for women and children, but chivalrous as I am if I was alone I would probably (depending on the odds) run from a fight, if I was trapped I would fight through it, to sum it up I'm not afraid of death but I'm also not keen on dying for nothing, I would rather leave an impression.

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    IT would totally depend on the situation. In most cases I have a hard time picking my fights well.

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