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Thread: Going to need a new daytime diaper.

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    Default Going to need a new daytime diaper.

    I have been using the Abena Abri-Form Extra (L3) as my primary daytime diaper for a while now, they absorb well, and they come in a case of 80 for $89.95, which is a pretty good price.

    However, according to XP Medical, they're going to be phased out soon and XP Medical's stock will only last so long.

    So, my question to ADISC, if you don't mind, is thus: Do any of you know of a similar quality plastic-backed diaper for a similar case-size and price? Basically, a replacement that isn't going to be phased out?

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    Hey Maurepas. You might try the Molicare Super or the Tena Slip Maxi. The Moli is very similar to the Extra in price and absorbancy. The Tena is more expensive, but also more absorbent. Personally, I like the Tena Slip better than either and I have used the Abena Extra many times in the past.

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    i'm going back to the Dry 24/7's as soon as they're back in stock

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    Yeah, I'm probably going to go with the Molicare Supers, they seem similarly priced. The problem with the Slips and the Dry 24/7s is I only really use that level of absorbency at night and if I'm going to be out for a long time. Normally I end up having to be changed before I get the full use out of them, so during the day I'll use a relatively cheaper diaper. Of course I've never worn a diaper with the cloth-like backing that didn't leak on me, so I can't use them.

    I will probably give the 24/7s a shot as a night diaper when they're back in stock though.

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    I think you should use the secure plus. they are great price

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    I used to wear M3 s. Tranquility ATNs are what I have transitioned to. About the same capacity,but.... really slow aquidition time. I don't know how your IC is but I wet in small amounts very frequently. The slow aquisition time is no big deal for me.

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