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Thread: pull Ups, any Uk suppliers listening

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    Lightbulb pull Ups, any Uk suppliers listening

    I have been looking for a good adult pull-up for a while, and in the uk, It seems we have drynites for those who fit, and adult pads which are just no good for a wetting

    So if any company's are listening, I found this from china http:// this is just one example I found, but they all need bulk delivery

    Also if anyone knows of some other good adult pull ups and suppliers, please say, I'm sure there is a lot of us that would like this information. Nappies are great, but not just what everyone wants

    Fingers crossed for a good response
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    Default have their own brand pull ups and although I've not tried them myself, I do like their nappies.

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    I think bad Chinese translation and blatant use of irrelevant (but highly-ranked) keywords strikes again!

    If you scroll down, you will see the age group is shown as "babies" and, for example, the small diaper is suitable for 0-3kg.

    This company offers their "adult baby diapers" free! So long as you commit to an order quantity exceeding 135,000! The small size of these "free adult baby like diapers china" is for 3-6kg. And you need to contact them to see how much the free diapers will cost... :-)

    Free Adult Baby Like Diapers China, View adult baby like diapers, Baby Diaper Product Details from Quanzhou Hengyi Hygiene Appliance Co., Ltd. on

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