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  • No. Horrible. I look stupid.

    24 10.48%
  • Okay, but not really that great.

    45 19.65%
  • Neutral. No opinion either way.

    30 13.10%
  • Better than average.

    50 21.83%
  • Yes. They look f'ing great.

    80 34.93%
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Thread: Do you think your diapers look good on you?

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    Default Do you think your diapers look good on you?

    This is going to sound like a vain question, but I'm not talking about how attractive you are. I'm curious if you look at yourself in the mirror and say "these look great on me" or "I look stupid."

    Myself, I've always thought my diapers looked good on me. Why? I think it's because I'm fairly skinny so the medium sizes look bulkier on me, I wear diapers that fit me (I'm very particular on the fit) and I wear thicker more absorbent diapers. All those things mean I look pretty good in diapers, always have IMO. How 'bout you?

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    I think I look stupid in diapers. Of course, I still like wearing them - I just don't hang out in front of the mirror. Without diapers I have no complaints about how I look, so it's not general body image issue. And it's not just on me - I think that other people in diapers look silly too (think reddit, tumblr, etc). I can see how people find it attractive, including on themselves, but it just doesn't do anything for me.

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    I have always thought that I look better in a diaper than in underwear. Like you I go for the fit. Wore small for years but now need med. Baby boys always look better in a diaper than in underwear.

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    When you got a beer belly how does any diaper look good.

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    Eh I guess. Diapers just make me feel better about myself for some reason. I have pictures up so feel free to judge for yourself haha!

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    I look silly in diaper. I've never see myself on the mirror, when I wear it, because is destroys the fun. When I'm on diaper I imagine that I'm a lil girl, and I don't want to see what is the reality.

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    Neutral. I don't often inspect my own diapered bottom. When I do, it's usually because I'm playing with modding baby diapers or trying out a different cloth diaper fold and I'm having some sort of fit issue. I don't think I look bad in a diaper, but my inner toddler definitely looks better in his Pampers than I do.

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    It all depends on if I've saved my facial hear recently, what shirt, pants or shorts i'm wearing, if I'm in a sleeper etc.

    But at the same time lik like a 5'9 or 5"10 25 year old guy in a diaper. Someone's going to think it looks and is stupid and sometimes that person is me.

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