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Thread: Sketches

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    Awesome, just as always!
    Keep on sketching, I say :3

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    Awesome work, looked into your gallery as well, very nice stuff, love the style too. Keep up the good work!

    (I also do some drawing myself, but I don't think I'm quite this good)

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    Oh, I wish I could do that. They'd all be stick figures if I drew them. Great job!

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    Ok, what i want to know is how one gets the tail out the hole in the back when putting the diaper on while lying down..... (deadly serious look)

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    When there's a tailhole, you need to thread the tail through the hole first. If there is a tape at the tail, one can usually suffice with taping the tail first (while standing or sitting up, preferably, actual young furs can just be lifted by their ankles), then putting the diaper on like one regularly would when lying down.

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