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Thread: Hello, this is my first time.

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    Default Hello, this is my first time.

    Hello fellow ADISC users reading this,

    I will not reveal my name/personal info or anything or the sorts every on this website, so this is going to be a weird introduction because i would enjoy it if you knew my name. For this website, my new name is Nanoman. So, here we go into my life story, ending up here.

    I was born...I grew up. *skipping the first 12-13 years of my lifetime*

    Then I was 12/13 (I forget exactly), I had the whole world in front of me, but all i thought about was candy and Pokemon. Then I got hired to work for my church at a summer camp for pre-schoolers and soon-to-be kindergarteners. While I was working here, I noticed that all of these kids were potty trained, and went to the bathroom like any regular child. But one day i did notice that a lot of the parents sent their children with an extra pair of underwear and pants.

    I don't know why, but I would look into the bags (there were like the reusable shopping bags you get at stores), and remember when I used to wear tighty whitey's with superheros and motorcycles on them. Then I looked into one bag and saw a pair of weird underwear. The label said 'Goodnites'. I took them out, and saw that they were diapers. I instantly fell in love with the feel of them.

    Turns out, there was a room at the summer camp for babies during the school year. The door was usually open and I would go inside for errands that the teachers at the summer camp would make me do. I never really noticed that it was for babies.

    One day, the teacher sent me to make a ton of photo copies and I got bored and started to look around. I found the changing table, and saw it had a little latch on it. Curiosity killed the cat, so I opened the latch to see what was in it. A pair of 2 sample goodnites fell onto the ground. I quickly kicked them under the table and went back to give the teacher her photocopies.

    I stayed later than usual that day and went back into the cabinet and saw it was filled with baby diapers and pacificers and nipples for bottles. I took a couple that seemed big, along with the goodnites, called my mom and went home.

    Since then I really have loved diapers. When i was 15 and 16 I would go to the store and buy L/XL goodnites at the convenience store near my house, and hid them from my parents. They never found out.

    Thats my story!


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    Hi nice to meet you ... I am your father. ..phycke hi I'm shadow nice to meet you

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    Hi Nanoman, welcome to the community.

    Good introduction, I can see how you got interested in the whole ABDL thing. Don't feel that you have to answer anything too personal but I saw in your profile that you like movies and music. What genre do you like?

    I like to watch comedies and also sci fi. On the music side, it's classic rock.

    I hope you have a good time while your here. Once again, welcome and I hope to see you around the site.

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    Hi and wecome to the community. You will find that people are very open about them selves here.

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    I am a big fan of Action, Comedy, and Animated movies.

    And for Music, as of now I like listening to most music in the Electronic genre, ie. Dubstep, Dance & House, Techno, etc.
    But, I also really enjoy Alternative/Indie Rock.

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    Hey, cool.
    Some of my work friends say I should leave the 70's music but, I don't know, I grew up on the 60-70's rock...

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    My friends actually want me to listen to more of the oldies rock.

    Funny how different people try to persuade others to do completely different things.

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    Welcome to the forums! What is you're favourite animated movie?

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    Quote Originally Posted by amon View Post
    Welcome to the forums! What is you're favourite animated movie?
    Cars/Cars 2

    What about you?

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    Welcome, Nanoman. It's interesting how so many have such precise "origin stories." Very cool. I'm sure you'll find lots of friends here.

    Hey, 11hinzvic, what's wrong with 70's music? Don't let your friends ever make you stop listening! We had the best (Who, Stones, Band, Creedence, Zeppelin), the worst (disco: enough said), the silliest ("Convoy," "The Pina Colada Song"), and the ones that make the most aggressive earworms ("Julie Do Ya Love Me?", "Playground In My Mind"). What other decade can claim all of that? :-)

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