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Thread: wetting in different possistions

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    Default wetting in different possistions

    I can wet standing up but it is harder to sitting sown and near imposable while laying down. If I am sitting on a toilet thats another bedtime story. I often times have to get up even before I fall asleep to go to the bathroom.

    Yea I am not 24/7 yet and I am looking into restocking my diapers. So there is little reason to go 24/7 before I do.

    I only have 6 or 7 left

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    It takes practice, you have to build up a degree of familiarity with diapers and trust that they will do their job. You've trained yourself over the past 18+ years not to pee your pants and that stimulation from being in the bathroom should help you release your bladder. Keep working at it standing up until that's basically effortlessly then you can start exploring some other positions like sitting down or squatting. I would recommend not trying to wet laying down until you're decently comfortable wetting while sitting. I also find it easier to wet in non-standing positions if my diaper is already wet, I can't put my finger on the why, but it makes it a lot easier.

    Being on-and-off with diapers certainly doesn't help the process much at all. When I've been wearing for a while most of it comes naturally to me, however if I haven't worn in a while wetting in different positions becomes more difficult again.

    If I had to rate my level of comfort I'd say that:
    I can easily pee on demand standing up
    I can normally pee while sitting down doing something
    I can occasionally wet while laying down, but it requires a good amount of concentration

    Hopefully some of this helped you.

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    Thanks for the reply and it makes since.

    I took a deep breath and looked at where my credit card is at and the scenarios at paying it off. Considering that I got an amazing deal on my new credit card; I don't have any APR that will be added until near the end of next year I gone ahead and purchased diapers on ebay. With that said I am planning on keeping it to a manageable amount that I will be able to pay off within two months if anything happened before the grace period ends. In short I bought two cases of diapers with a total of 120 count.

    I should be ready to go 24/7 soon. Wish me luck

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    I can pee while walking... all it takes is practice

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    I agree with the above.

    It does all just take practice. When trying to lie down maybe use one them sheets normally used for toddlers to protect the bed (regardless of already being protected under the sheet). This may help calm the nerves of leakage and mess. Once you start to learn you're safe you can move away from the 'unnecessary' precautions. You're body has become to used to 'wetting yourself is wrong' that you're effectively having to retrain.

    I still struggling with lying down still and if I'm in bed and I have to sit up on my knees in a sitting type position. Although if I'm really desperate I can manage it!

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    Diaper training takes time. That is what you are doing not unpotty training. Being IC I can wet in any position an have.

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    I have been diapering for upto a year and going to bed in them (not a 24/7 wearer) and I still have to get use to it laying down but when you do go laying down x//3. Prob one of the nicest feelings.

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    haha, i was just about to make a thread about this. ;u; i kinda have the same problem...i'm currently (a-as in...right this moment, actually) attempting to wet sitting down for the first time, and i don't know what's stopping me. ._. like, with lower quality diapers i'd understand my hesitance in case it leaks, but i'm wearing a bellissimo...

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    Sometimes trying too hard can be the problem. Let yourself relax a little and you might be surprised how easy it can actually be.

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    The more you wet the easier it'll get

    I used to always have to force it out while laying down but now it just flows freely while relaxed

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