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Thread: What Do You Think You're Getting For Christmas?

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    Question What Do You Think You're Getting For Christmas?

    What do you think you're getting for Christmas.
    Wow not one Christmas thread about presents.
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    I was going to ask for some slot cars, but then decided against it as I would not have time to set them up and actually play with them. So I asked for a Citizens ECO divers watch. They run on light. I also am getting some CDs as I like music. Oh, and I think my wife bought me a plushie....a cute golden retriever dog plushie, of course. How cool is that!

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    Hopefully a game and a gift card or something from my mom...I know I can expect Nothing from my male genetic donor , as he totally forgot my birthday...

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    uhm some new clothes and i think im getting a Sidekick . If i do im naming it Robin >.>

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    I guess I can't answer on here since I know what I'm going to get D:

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    I asked for a footed sleeper and I already got that. I might ask for Season 4 of Lost on DVD. I would just copy the dvd's from nextflix but I actually like supporting nearly anything "Lost". Quality shows,games and music should be supported. (I also like owning real box sets.)

    Of course my support doesn't matter since the producers already have a contract with ABC to air Lost until they finally end it in 2010 (aka Season 6.)

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    My mom asked me if I would be interested in having a Wii. I told her sure. So, I guess that's what Im getting. Haha.

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    I bought my christmas present in november, a new Pontiac Solstice, but wait! My birthday is in February, and theres this red Zo6 at the dealer........

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