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Thread: what diapers do you miss?

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    Default what diapers do you miss?

    What diapers could you buy a while ago or years ago that are no longer made or available now? I remember when depend diapers were good quality and even made in the USA. I bought their "fitted briefs" or whatever they were called and they worked well and were good value for the money. Assurance was an even better diaper and i could get them at walmart for a dollar or two less a pack and were more absorbent, durable and comfortable than the heaviest Depends were back then.

    Even CVS had good diapers in both heavy and moderate absorbencies. The one pack that always puzzled me because i never had seen them before, and never ever found them again, but thankfully i bought that pack, was from Depend. They were just like their plastic backed diapers, but with no tapes, they were a pullup, and worked great. Once those 16 or 18 diapers were gone, that was it, i never ever found them again, anywhere.

    All these diapers ive mentioned, i bought from the year 2000 to maybe 2003, and suddenly, you could no longer get good diapers in stores anywhere and had to order online.

    So what are the diapers you miss?

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    Ditto on the old Attends with the blue tapes. Loved the thick padding and the soft plastic.

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    What was so good about the old attends? What diapers now aday do they compare to?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarKid View Post
    What was so good about the old attends? What diapers now aday do they compare to?
    The old Attends were thicker with the plastic back. The closest store brand to compare it today would be Depends fitted briefs, but they have a cloth cover now.

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    I don't understand why diaper companies think thinner is better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarKid View Post
    I don't understand why diaper companies think thinner is better.
    It is cost cutting only. For us who need to wear diapers it is a pain in the butt to have to use more because they hold less. But the more we use the more money they make.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarKid View Post
    I don't understand why diaper companies think thinner is better.
    The market is reacting to people that think thinner is better. The average person sees a high capacity diaper and probably wonders why would I want to sit in 10-12 hour old piss. Whereas we know that it's because it's a high quality / capacity diaper that it's still quite comfortable despite the bulk. :p

    Moreover the average person may have a "wet once and change" and change mentality. Which in that case a) why do they want something thick and b) why should companies sell a product in the main stream marketplace / box store that people don't want?

    Furthermore assuming fecal incontinence is less occurring than urinary incontinence why would the average ignorant consumer choose a taped diaper over a pull up? We know that you can just untape and retape but they don't want to go through the "trouble". And instead would rather change more or maybe just reserve the diaper for just in case (which then a pull up makes more sense anyhow). And that's not even considering the social stigma against tape diapers verses the underwear-like pullups.

    Depend is at the mainstream forefront of thing unnoticeable pull ups with their new line. That's just how it is.

    Now back to the OP...I stumbled upon one of the old medial grade depends when I was little. Like back when depends were green. I wouldn't mind retrying it for noatalga...then switching back to my dry 24/7 :p.

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    The old-style pullups. The ones with the animal prints and the micky prints. The diapers and training pants that were really thick, white (with or without prints) and had a rectangular shape that rose up your back. Those were comfy... *blush* .///.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarKid View Post
    I don't understand why diaper companies think thinner is better.
    Well I'm Incontinet...

    At NIGHT I wear night time diapers such as the Attends M10 Regular or a Tena slip Maxi...
    As I wet the bed and I can't really predict how much or how often during the night, that's the better option.

    BUT during the DAY?? Unless I have no other choice (knowing I won't be able to change - which IS RARE, VERY RARE) - I'd NEVER wear such a thick diaper.

    -> If I can avoid to sit in my urine all day long, I AVOID IT. Hygiene matters.. I LOVE feeling dry and clean!
    -> COMFORT: a thick diaper is noticeable during walking, working, sports, etc... and I LOVE TO feel Free & comfy. (also my favorite time of the year: SUMMER... much more enjoyable with less padding)
    -> DISCRETENESS: I'd like to keep this as private as possible - I don't need people to notice my huge diaper.
    -> COST! (YES)... whilst it would be true, that wearing only one or two thick diapers during the day would be "cheaper" it is not something I would like to do (as mentioned, hygiene, comfort,....).. so I would change almost as often as with a thin diaper... and then it would be far more expensive.

    if you're incon and yet have SOME control over your bladder (read: you can void willingly)
    I personally have had far better experiences during the DAY with either pads or products such as a Tena Flex (new thing to me... quite like them)...
    As these products (especially pads) allow you to use the toilet easily & quickly (as a man you can even use the urinal... if you must). you can also far more easy & quick change them as no tapes (pads) are involved...
    Also thinner products if you use them accordingly (most incons don't just loose all bladder content at once - and even if - there's stuff almost anyone can do to minimize the amount).
    Thus rendering pads & thin products QUITE USEFUL.
    I void on a toilet multiple times a day... I watch WHAT I drink / eat (stay away from diuretics), I limit the quantities I drink AT ONE TIME... (it's useless to drink more than about 2dl within one hour... the excess will just be expelled by the body (more urine) quite effectively.
    With all that, most ICs (not all) can "manage" their IC during the day with slim products.
    TO ME: all this results in a VAST improvement of my day-to-day comfort as I don't feel "limited" by my IC or my IC PRODUCTS.

    so THIN products have a good value for those who NEED them and use them accordingly.

    - - - Updated - - -

    And to the original question... what diapers do I miss?

    well - NONE! I feel pretty lucky that there are so many amazing IC products to choose from out there... whilst some brands have had quality cuts - others have really improved the product a LOT imho.
    The latest Tena Slip Plus, super or maxi here in switzerland are finally cloth backed - and ever since I have been re-evaluating the Tena Slip as my main diapers for when I wear diapers.
    Attends as well.. they have the cloth only side panels - amazing design - the sides are completely breathable whilst the center is plastic (I'd wish they'd do a complete cloth backed model).
    same goes with pull ups - especially the Tena ones have vastly improved in both fit/comfort and absorbency.
    New products such as the Tena for Men LEVEL 4 (it's a pull up - like an adult version of good nites - just for day time)... is VERY discrete and easy to conceal ... and yet works quite well.

    Another example: Tena Flex... when I first tried them years ago - (they were new at the time on the market) - I liked the idea... but both comfort & fit were horrible imho... it didn't really work well... and I have tried them again just a few days ago, only to find out that they have really improved them in all critical areas...

    Also I much prefer either fully cloth backed disposable IC Products or at least with the diapers: side panels Cloth.
    The difference imho in comfort is quite amazing (and NO: I did NOT have problems with either tapes or leaking through...)

    so, no - I don't want any of the old stuff back

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